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I have long time followed on tv, and always thought it was very sorry that I had to wait a whole week on a new episode. That is no longer so. Watching a whole DVD box in a short time to makes you very aware of what all can happen, what nasties there walk around, and what terrible they can all do. Of course this is all just tv, but that does not mean it is not also can really happen. From now on, I will be glad that I may forget this kind of problems for a week. It was all rather see once in the correct order. There are currently so many repeats on tv broadcast, that it is difficult to determine what an older episode is, and what a new one. And of course watching without compulsory advertising breaks also known as very pleasant.

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The DVD contains twelve CSI season 5 episodes, four on each DVD. There is also a booklet in which each episode is described. Each DVD also includes some extras. the first and the last DVD each have two episodes with voice comments. The second DVD contains é é n episode with commentary, and, most interesting; \ ‘ The Research or CSI: Maintaining the Accuracy \ ‘. These extras are fun, and in particular the experts to speak in this latest extra. However, this is also the biggest shortcoming of this DVD box. And for that matter the subtitles. The spoken comments are not subtitled. \ ‘ The Research or CSI: Maintaining the Accuracy \ ‘ is subtitled, but the subtitles runs down by the screen. This section looks in ” real ” experts to the word, that tell what they do and how they contribute to the series, and also the crew and employees do have their say. But if real experts do their story, it is important to know that they are experts, and that’s not reading. Their name and function are in focus, but the subtitles runs through the text, and that is very unfortunate. Does this affect further m.i. pretty engaging DVD box. Finally, also a manco, ‘s on the cover of the box also added a seventh extra: \ ‘ CSI; procedures on the scene and in the lab \ ‘, which I have been able to find in any DVD back. What a pity. The twelve episodes are totally worth it, but in particular on the subtitles had better have to be considered.

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CSI season 5 with, among others, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox Time: 504 minutes (3 DVD’s) look bookmark: 12 Release date: March 28, 2006 list price: 39.99

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