Dvd: Paradise Now

Paradise Now tells the story of Khaled and Sa ï d: two Palestinian childhood friends who are told that one evening she \ ‘ finally \ ‘ may commit a suicide attack in Isra ë l. ” Are you happy? ” asks é é n of the leaders of the terrorist organization. ” Yes, very happy. ” , answer Khaled. Of surprise roll the eyeballs now probably almost out of your greenhouses. It seems strange, but in this way by the filmmaker made clear that these suicide bombers are embedded in their culture. Khaled and Sa ï d his death normal guys, with one death normal jobs and yet they are able to die for it’s larger target \ ‘. After the two have been told that they may commit an attack, the viewer gets to see their last 24 hours. Until something goes wrong and the operation is done. é N é of the two gets suddenly doubts and not to the other must also be persuaded to suicide over to go. After you’ve seen the movie, you should actually also the extra’s on the DVD viewing. You get mainly through the interview with the Director, Hany Anu-Assad (which, incidentally, he is half Dutch and half Dutch talk: Palestinian) told that filming not easily went. So there collapsed while filming a few hundred metres from the set a Isra ë during the recording down to get a rocket and crew members left because it was not safe in the Palestinian territory. Also the Making Of it is worth watching: you see how there nearly every day had to be negotiated with Isra ë lische or Palestinian soldiers to continue spinning. Paradise Now is a good movie. For someone who does not live in the Middle East, gives it the possibility to take a peek into the life of someone who is actually forced to a suicide attack according to themselves. -Total incomprehensible, for many who live in Palestine an honor. Don’t expect any nerve exciting thriller, but expect a nice film that portrays something what was hitherto unmentionable. And check out the extra’s which add an extra dimension to the recently viewed movie.Image removed by redactieParadise Now including Hiyam Abbas, Lubna Azabal & Ashraf Barbon Time: 90 minutes list price: 22.99 euro order for 19.99! DVD nosave: Paradise Now  DVD: Paradise Now Paradise now

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