Negativ do you know perhaps even as a member of D-men. Rapte along on the Straatremixes he and you hear him also on the number \ ‘ \ ‘ My Party. Now he no longer belongs to the D-Men and he now builds his own parties. With this album Let Negativ told he needs no one else at all to score. Though the numbers which Ebon-E sings great too. Negativ raps about all kinds of things, but it sounds very tough, of course. He creates like about himself up. That starts at the first track, bothers me, because Negativ is doing well. Negativ is not only tough, he shows his emotions on this album. He shows energy and shows that he has talent. He hungers for success and that is’m sure awarded. Negativ should be pleased with this album, which has helped him Giorgio tuinfort. Garden fort is no stranger; This producer worked among other things with Re-Play. He does good work and has certainly done that on this album. Go the raps you occasionally something too fast, then there is always still a cd booklet with the lyrics. I always read the thank word itself and so does Negativ well. Finally a star-in-the-making that comes out that he’s happy with his wife and his little girl. Tracklist 1. Negativitijdperk 2. Unbreakable 3. Things done 4. You don’t know who I am 5. You don’t succeed ft. Sat R Day 6. Go Los 7. Look around you ft. Ebon-E 8. Pimp 72 9. Loyalty ft. C-Tb8 10. Left right 11. Not ready for 12. All you got ft. Long French 13. Keep it Really ft. Ebon-E 14. Nothing Is what it must use ft. ENegativ-NegativitijdperkSpeelduur: 54: Ebon-21 minutes Label: Pias list price: 20.99 € order now for only 15.99!


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