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Therein describe two women how they travel on their own with great pleasure. The é é n travels the world on a professional basis, the other does it purely for her pleasure. The book covers all facets of the travel alone. The final decision to go alone (what you will find there also of … environment). The preparation of the trip, the final destination, the hotel rooms, but also the possible setbacks. Loneliness, but also surprising encounters are described. Even possible holiday love pass in review. The book gives honest information. Only travel is not gelukszalige if é é n large mirrored ruffle. But that’s also not always traveling with a partner, right? A good preparation is half the battle, according to the writers. Book a flight to verweggiestan not on a whim, but go for yourself well after what holiday you are looking for. Would you like Sun, sea, beach? Do you prefer for culture or would you like a combination of the two? Make sure you at least speaks the language, only the first time when your journey, that makes it a lot easier. To have the ‘ holiday feeling ‘ you don’t have to go far away press é. Nor does your holiday not long. Maybe you can right the first time even better choose a short break where you can look back with pleasure on and that your confidence strengthened. If you have endured well can you next time your limits. Prepare also good for by information about the place where you are going. Look what to do in the surrounding area and take this information with. You never know when it comes in handy. Explore the customs of a country, and adjust your client as much as possible. As single-Lady-with-mini skirt-and-exposed-tip walking around in Morocco, of course, is asking for trouble. Respect the culture of a country and you will be treated with respect. The book has already been previously issued. Now, years later, the writer wanted to release, but then again é Susi Pirou with the contribution of her daughter-in-law, Katja Pirou é which represents the younger generation. The book is very accessible, it reads easy. However, what bothered me, but that is personal, is the dialogue that affects her ego with Susi ondergestofte. As far as I am concerned, she had just her Musings, her doubts and two fight may describe, without having ever her ego out. While reading this book, crept over me sometimes also feel that the things that é were appointed rg obvious layers. But with hindsight, it is precisely the combination of useful tricks é n naming all those seemingly ordinary \ ‘ \ ‘ things, which the book in my eyes to make a complete manual for the novice single traveller.

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Susi on travel as a single and Katja Pirou é 176 pages Publisher Elmar ISBN 90-389-1643-4

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