The color of jealousy

the tough Inspector Jessie Driver will star in this seriemoordenaars story. She has it’s not easy to keep between her older male counterparts. If Jessie on a day the message that there is a dead body found along the Thames, she is surprised if they just find without a skeleton head, hands and feet. They suspect a joke with her colleagues want to get her out and so does she or her nose bleeds and pulls out all the stops. Call them a pathologist, let the whole environment \ ‘ \ ‘ witnesses and combing out all interrogations. This hilarity of her colleagues, that while there is nothing to do, but find it very funny. On the basis of the breast implants that are next to the skeleton, is soon fell prey to ge ï identified. She appears the downwind to be actress Verity hit Shore, wife of the extremely popular singer P.J. Dean. So all of a sudden in a silly joke seriously changes an alleged crime. While Jessie tries to figure out the truth surrounding the death of Verity, still pops up a dead celebrity on. this time it’s going to be an artist who turns out to have vague connections with Verity. Soon, the question arises: is there a dark conspiracy going on or is there a serial killer who preys on (alleged) celebrities? To Jessie the task to unravel the puzzle and prevent further deaths. The color of jealousy contains all ingredients ë who a book exciting and good readable. An interesting main character, a good plot, varied characters, subcutaneous and closing tension and even a little romance. The enthusiasm with which Inspector Driver deposit themselves on the search, is fascinating. Also her attempts to survive in a male-dominated environment are pleasant to read, although this especially at first predominate. It takes too long before the first corpse presents itself, while that is where you are looking for if you purchase a literary crime novel. Because it is the only flaw is: buy this book, and even by those first fifty pages heenbijten, it just gets better. the color of jealousy Gay Longworth the color of jealousy 334 pages Publisher: Elmar ISBN: 90-389-1640-list price: 17,50 euro

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