CSI Crossover Special Miami/New York

the idea behind the collaboration between the two series is nice, and will certainly be appreciated by the fans. Also the packaging of this DVD is nice, he comes in a metal case packaging. Furthermore here unfortunately not as much positive about to report. The only thing the DVD has to offer, the two episodes. These are also not merged to é é n whole, which had been given the form of the story best. The are simply the two separate episodes. There are also no extras on this DVD. Further rattles the story on all sides. Darius is sent back to to Miami because he claims to know where a woman’s body is buried those killed a year earlier. After the detectives of CSI Miami one more time with the family of the murdered woman speak, they investigate again the car in which she was killed, and suddenly they discover that there is a cd in the cd player is, which brings them a step further. It seems to me that such a car is not completely detangled completely illogical after someone in is killed. That cd they had have to find the first time.

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In addition, they find a woman who had been corresponding with Darius. A rich business woman. She would meet him after his escape, but because his plane crashed earlier than planned, he did not show up. After that he visited her, but just because he needed a plane to be in the company of someone else to fly to New York. Although the woman was offended that he ran off with a younger woman, she has apparently given her plane without any problems. How likely is that? Once they met in New York are Mac Taylor of CSI NY Darius in the subway. At that time pulls the killer, after he seriously wounded a passenger, the emergency brake and runs off. The next time you see how Taylor an ambulance call and to another passenger asks for the metro stop. Is it true it doesn’t.

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Finally, the plot is very far fetched. Most episodes of the various CSI series are much better than this, and it seems as if one has had to do so much trouble come together every two series, that too little attention has been paid to the story itself. This DVD is a fun gadget for the real die-hard fans, but no more than that.CSI Miami/New Yrok Crossover Special with David Caruso and Gary Sinise time: 95 min. list price 15.99 euro order now! nosave CSI Crossover Special Miami/New York  CSI Crossover Special Miami/New York CSI-Miami/New York

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