Olaz Complete Everyday Sunshine


Complete Everyday Sunshine is actually a full-fledged è me dagcr, which not only takes care of your skin, but also gradually gives your skin a beautiful summer complexion. It gives the face a subtle summer glow that gradually deepens, so \ ‘ n two to three shades darker than the natural shade of the skin. The depth of the color depends on where you choose, a light or a deep summer glow. Normal self tanning products with high DHA content give the skin immediately after a first use a hefty brown tone, because they saturate the skin cells with DHA, but then sets the color within a few days less. Olaz does this gradually, which gives you a more even and streak-free results, because in this way you will never be a part of your face is missing. You can use the cr è me daily, giving you a daily subtle summery complexion. The color is also much more natural than the result of normal self tanning products.

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In addition, the Complete Everyday Sunshine a SPF 15, that will make you skin protects against the Sun and thereby counteracts skin aging. Everyday Sunshine has also not the penetrating smell that most \ ‘ Brown without the Sun’s products contain a high content of DHA. Good care and a healthy summer complexion in é é n hit, what more do you want?!

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