The Mongol Empire-the legacy of Dzengis Khan

part 1 of this documentary is mainly on the life story of the young Temudjin leader from the Central Asian nomads. Together with his brothers, he was, after the death of their father, raised by their mother. His mother played a very important role in his life, and even after the amalgamation of the country when Temudjin Mongoli named ë to Genghis Khan, the great ruler ‘, he continued to rely on the strength and wisdom of his mother. At the beginning of the 13th century the Mongol Empire came to fruition, when Genghis Khan managed to unite various Mongol tribes. Genghis Khan was militarily very progressive and his reforms in the military field are also made that implementation of expansionism could be completed. Also at administrative area was Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire under his authority progressive got her first fixed capital Karakoroem. This city is now buried under a lot of desert sand, but by excavations, carried out by an expedition team, and a model is now to see how Karakoroem would probably has seen.

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Part 2 deals with particular reference to the development of the Mongol Empire n à the death of Genghis Khan. His sons were worthy successors and under their direction and, in particular, its subsequent grandson Kublai Khan knew the ‘ Golden Horde ‘ by the Mongols to extend even further the enormous empire. ë On horseback they conquered large parts of Asia and in the middle ages, they were even by the conquest of Hungary at the gateway to Western Europe. Unfortunately, there is very little historical information available about this people, but that’s due to the lack of written sources of the Mongols itself. E é n single copy of a booklet from the hand of Dzengis Khan itself contains their entire \ ‘ \ ‘ history. Yet it is unjustified picture of that the Mongols would consist of a savage, cruel, bloodthirsty and uncivilized rover people in this documentary rectified.

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The makers of the documentary got for making this documentary for the first time exclusive access to Mongolian and Russian archives. Therefore, this documentary gives a good historical picture of the Mongol people under the leadership of Dzengis è n Kublai Kahn. Also demonstrate how the now approx. 1 million Mongolian nomads nowadays life. They live still exactly as they also lived hundreds of years ago, still on that inhospitable Mongolian steppes. \ ‘ The Mongol Empire-the legacy of Dzengis Khan’s a very beautiful, interesting documentary. It creates a very good picture of a great people, that history has an important role in the world played, but where very little is known about is.Image removed by editors \ ‘ Dzengis Khan the Mongol Empire-the legacy of \ ‘ Genre: historical documentary running time: 105 minutes (2 dvd’s) list price: € 13, 99 Release date: 6 april 2006 released by Orion Channel language: Dutch spoken Dutch, partly subtitled

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