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who is MC Lex Empress? Vocalist, more than MC and around the occupant more than Dutchman and a little diva, I fear, haha. I love immensely many of music and different languages and combine these two loves quirky in Sung improvisations on house sets of dj’s from home and abroad. How did you get started as MC? I sing all from that I am very small and was too stubborn to follow a training to perfect my voice. So I have a lot of straps and combo’s worn out before I was professional enough to make my box. The MC-é ë in Belgium and started in caf d \ ‘ Anvers where the production team, when I was not yet very well, remained in me believe. Very sweet! I was in the Escape during a roller disco accosted by Marcel Pantera. He asked what I did for work. ” I sing! ” I cried and then I became a part of Pantera as a dancer and MC. not long after took me under her wing and Risk I could continue to grow in the MC and and I became Lex Empress…

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What’s so nice about to on stage? I’m pretty shy in daily life though I know usually nice to hide. On the stage is of that embarrassment even less to notice. The combination of singing, dancing and entertain make me free. It is the reason beyond what exactly happens on stage during improvising and for embarrassment is no place.Isn’t it annoying that you should always work, if others go out? It is wonderful to add something if others going out to an evening. I feel very uncomfortable when I’m out like I’m on the wrong side of the stage STA. kind of truancy, haha.Do you do with your great voice even more than ” only ” but mc-and? I sing in the production Interpretationzz; a jazz show with 15 dancers, breakers, and song. Beautiful costumes, beautiful songs and a frenzied momentum from start to finish. I am proud to be part of. Further I sing bossa nova and jazz with small combo’s and sing the occasional plate in

Image removed by editors Recently. have you been on the WMC in Miami. What exactly is that and what have you done? The Winter Music Conference is the meeting place for everyone who is part of the music industry on electronic area. Here is information, knowledge, talent, and music exchanged, partied, brainstormed and even more partying. I’ve done all above State and had a top time!!! The (inter) national dj’s you prefer to work together? That’s impossible for me to say. I know there are too many styles, from many different countries and of various party concepts. A DJ must fit a concept, to the public and good in his own skin, then it’s too crazy to work with almost anyone. I would do myself and the DJ’s too short by 10 to 1 or even mention it here. How does your ideal \ ‘ night out \ ‘ look like? To the \ ‘ \ ‘ work with a bunch of friends in the Hall, few drinks make up for everyone, singing, dancing, even more singing … delicious!Against whom do you look yourself? The garbage collector, the Baker who gets up at 3 am, the file drivers and anyone with a fixed desk job, volunteers, people who have idealistic can think and try to act, children, creative people in the work area (including music), poor and sick people who do not give up. People who love unconditionally … all people who can something what I can not, haha.On Very Delicious you stand together with Jeroenski and Jip the Luxury. What can we expect from you? I expect myself to be the perfect supplement on their set, with very delicious vocals, pumping vocals, hypende announcements there where it is needed and all this especially to increase the atmosphere.Very Delicious takes place in Club Rotterdam on 22 april for more info click here

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