Tros missing: the story of Katinka

Maurizio didn’t know much about his half sister. Only the name of her mother and lived in Noordwijkerhout and Katinka between 1960 and 1963 had to be born. Now I live near Noordwijkerhout, so there began my search in phone books and with the check with friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately I don’t have much further, so I took contact Jaap Jong blood or his team of Missing perhaps could go looking. And so it came to pass. By now I had also done a call on my weblog. This responded at the end of February, which by now was also found by Katinka Tros missing. The call had to be taken offline again soon, because imagine if Maurizio her comment on my weblog would read! Then was quite the surprise away! It was giant hard to to keep hidden for Maurizio that his half sister was found. I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! I had contact with both of them. For now all her life at z \ Katinka stood a head, because she had never known that they still had half brothers and her father was still alive. Maurizio on the other hand did not yet know that Andrew was found. Until Cable Missing with Katinka to Italy toog… In the broadcast of 24 november you can see how it ended with Katinka and her Italian family. In the next few days you read on the exclusive Journal of Katinka ë about the trip to Italy and the touching meeting with her father and half-brothers.

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