The story of Andrew; Missing!

I was immediately in shock and went directly on internet searching through Google. There I came across the site of the editor of, which was a desperate call one Maurizio who was looking for his half-sister. Incredible. I replied right on that site that I conscious Katinka was that he was looking for. So I knew when I had a brother that night that right! From that day is the ball roll. I have the bunch called and told about what I knew all about my father. They found this a very beautiful story; namely, that my father Aldo at the time (late 1950s) worked at the then Hoogovens in IJmuiden and metal craftsman was. He lived at that time on rooms in Haarlem. On a good day he went to Vroom & Dreesmann in Haarlem to buy clothes and Yes, my mother worked on men’s fashion Department Chris ten. Apparently it was love at first sight; from that moment they have about three years had a relationship, from which I the result was! Even before I was born ë, Aldo went back to Italy because he wanted to let his mother and not his mother had also need money. He sent money to her but somehow came that at her brother and not at her. He had to really back to take care of her. My mom has me so, alone, in a hospital in beverwijk, gotten on 1 July 1960. They certainly do not, for its part, wanted to live in Sicily; at that time meant a woman not much in the poor Sicily, and they in turn also wanted her mother (my grandmother) don’t let you down. Four years later, Aldo one more time, unexpectedly, came back. In the meantime, has written letters to my mother several times though Aldo. I was then so four years. I know there is nothing more, I only have a 1-second image of him \ ‘ \ ‘; that he, my mother and I are in the dining room. Hindsight is clear to me that I had as a little girl in front of him stood and said, ” you are my father ” ; they are the words that Aldo always stayed at. He then came back to get my mother to ask for advice. He had a new girlfriend and asked: ” Chris ten what should I do? ” It said ” Wedding with Rita and become happy in Italy, but I remain really here with Katinka ” . But it seems, according to Aldo Aldo, which she also said: ” I have a new relationship; There is no place here for you ” . Probably it did that just said to get rid of him, because they really had no relationship with a new man at that time. Aldo is when left back to Sicily’s ë back, and since then, my mother and I never heard from him or seen. My mother always said, ” Katinka you are born out of love ” . She herself never made an attempt to approach or to detect Aldo display. They did say when I got older: ” Katinka would you not want to know what how it is your dad pass away? ” But I had so something of: ” Aldo are looking for me but on, he knows that he has a daughter here in Netherlands? ” . As a child I found it quite just that I had no father, I knew still not better? I missed him so basically not really because I had a very fine youth and nothing too short have come, so I lived with my mother in Noordwijkerhout in the House of my grandmother, which there was not much to frequently used because they stayed in a home not much was confused. Anyway I missed the conviviality of a family; I saw, of course, also called the conviviality at my girlfriends home that siblings had, and then I thought much: why do I not? As I got older I started to be a lot more to my dad thinking, such as: I have perhaps half brothers and half sisters walk around there in Itali ë, and Aldo would still live? My mother died seven years ago in March 1999 to the effects of skin cancer. The last words that this little powerful woman said was: ” take a glass of wine when I’m dead and grieve not ” . Thus it came to pass that to this day I see those last moments for me; they chose the managed death and constantly looked at the clock to see if it still was no time to die, so much pain that she had. Five years ago I did a first attempt to detect Aldo. I wrote to the Italian Consulate in Netherlands, and who advised me to inform or perhaps even at the blast furnaces had a pension of Aldo blast furnaces. I left it all a time rest until about five months ago. I wrote the blast furnaces (now called Corus) and asked if there were any nothing was known. Unfortunately, to no avail, and I thought, I’m going to figure out once again, at a pinch, I write myself once to Sicily in Italy to find out. And then … I got that letter of the bunch! And everything was offered me on a silver platter. One asked ” are you going to Italy? ” I had think about that though, in the beginning I had something like: should I now after more than 40 years still know my father? It turned out that I did not é é n, but three half-brothers have!! Now I got some photo’s sent, and then I thought, after my friends said I had nothing to lose, you have to accept this offer. Go to Italy, you won’t regret it. And so it came to pass, and I went on Sunday 9 april 2006 along with my husband Rob, Jaap Jong blood (the presenter), Roy Fabian (Director) and Joep (cameraman) to Sicily’s ë.Click here to read the second part of this diary …

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