The story of Andrew; To Italy

Sunday 9 april 2006 that morning at 8: 00 pm at Schiphol arrived and made the acquaintance of Jaap, Joep and Roy. All very nice people. With some delay we came that afternoon at 4 p.m. on Sicily’s ë to. From the airport Catania Jaap had rented a car. I freaked some time in the beginning of that big tv camera that went with it. We eventually came to Syracuse to in our hotel, in as \ a typical Italian old street with old houses with balconies where flower pots with geraniums to hang. It was a very nice hotel and very friendly reception. We are still a drink with each other in the hotel bar, a place where the Italian chic youth came together. After that we go eat in a restaurant, it was very tasty, really Italian. It was actually intended that we would record a conversation right with me Sunday, but Roy and Joep decided that to do the next day. And so it came to pass. Monday 10 april 2006 at 7: 30 pm we had to sit at the breakfast because we had a busy schedule that day. The breakfast was delicious with lots of sweet buns (there are Italians love!) Everyone had slept well. We went so after breakfast on path to a suitable location for the conversation to look for. First thought Roy to it somewhere on the water with the backdrop of the Sicilian coast filming. That was OK, were it not that you lot heard barking dogs, and of course that is not pleasant for the recording. So continue your search. Roy then saw somewhere a Lemon Grove and that seemed to him a short distance from it. There were people there to work, but it was no problem for being there filming, after Roy had it asked and explained why. And so it came to pass, Jaap and I each had to sit on an Orange Crate and the camera was drawn up. Then it went fairly without saying, though I was very tense and I was very hot, that’s also probably intact. Answer the questions I could pretty well, although I found it sometimes difficult. Sometimes I had to search for words, and I probably have often said the same thing. After this I was happy that the first section there on Sat. We still looking around in the orchard and just talk with the Italian lemon pickers. There was a really incredibly beautiful Italian boy at, I thought, ” my brothers would also be so handsome? Not bad that Italian men ” that afternoon we would get some filming. I had to do a few loops with Jaap, at least a little walk, as if I was talking with him. It had to be a few times over, and this too was did it again and it allowed back on. next, we went to a nice cafe near the hotel and now we were also Barbara, the interpreter, walked into. She is married to an Italian and lives in Ferrara (Northern Italy) and has a daughter. The film crew went with Barbara that afternoon to my Italian family to interview them. \ in the evening, we went to eat in a typical Italian family restaurant. There were quite a lot of pressure moving waiters around, it looked like that series of the past: ” Hotel on stilts ” . Ordering again went slowly. You could pack so much you wanted anti pasta-snacks, very tasty, but the main course was only fish or pasta, again without further something at. We had so have to order further apart, but that made no difference. We also ordered a bottle of wine called: ” Corleone ” . That made us immediately of course reminiscent of the famous mafia family. We really had no idea that the next day was a personal support worker searched from Corleone arrested! What a coincidence!. After dinner we went back to the hotel, we were knackered. Jaap rang, however, that they still were filming and that we had to stay on because we had to still view the created images. But it became later and later, and actually we wanted nothing more than to sleep. But that was not allowed by Jaap. Finally, at 1 am \ at night, there was a knock and there it was Jaap with catching, so Roy, Joep and Barbara. Actually, we saw it not as bright more after that bottle Corleone-wine. Please note I had to also still on the camera to respond to the images! I believe I saw it out with my red head! (I was already a bit burnt from the Sun and then those still with wine!). I then saw the images for the first time from my family. I found it very special. E é n of my brothers played guitar for me, and all they said what against me. It was very moving. I just didn’t know how I had to respond here, and if I had to say now what. It made a deep impression on me. Barbara has translated what they said. After this was filmed, they went away and we were able to go to sleep. We were exhausted by all those emotions and impressions. The next day was meeting.Click here to read the first part.Click here to read the last part from the diary of Alexander

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