The story of Andrew; The Encounter

Tuesday april 11, 2006 at 7: 30 am breakfast again. I was very tense, because today was so meeting my father! We went after breakfast to a kind of sport park where the Italians could running, trim, etc. My dad would go there bocce, and had an appointment with the film crew. Not knowing that I would be there and would come to him! While I was waiting with Rob Roy’s the signal on a bench until I got on my mobile phone it was time to come, I was very very tense and everything went through me. ” What happens anyway with me so ” I thought and I looked at the people on the sports field, who were aware of it and did their own thing anywhere. Feel completely unaware of the fact that here a nearly 46-year-old woman was present, which for the first time in her life with her father went to get to know! At one point entered my mobile phone and it was Roy, who gave the signal that I now had to come. I got up and walked along the fence slowly to the place where my father was talking with Jaap. Along the way, everything went through me and I looked at the groomers, who ran past me, all racing. I ran to my father and said: ” Buongiorno Aldo, io sono Katinka. You are my father. ” It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. The moment I after more than 40 years my father in my arms held, those little delicate James man, words were not needed.

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Then I hugged my brother Maurizo, which there was, in his beautiful bright orange Dutch Soccer Jersey. A young man of 34 years, small yet powerful, with an incredibly sweet face where the emotion from radiated. I felt when I hugged him how he was shaking of emotion and saw tears in his beautiful blue eyes. This time I forget ever again. Now if I would die I would die a happy man. I thank the good God for this moment and as I write this I have tears in my eyes, especially now on the radio happens to be a song is to hear from Eros Ramazotti, incredibly beautiful. That day went great. I also met my other two brothers, who also were shaking of emotions. What a cordial people with so much warmth, something we do not know in the sober Holland. My brothers were all three quite different from, that was quite funny. They all have an incredibly fun appearance. I also have with my stepmother made the acquaintance, a sweet woman who unfortunately has Parkinson’s disease. They too had tears in her eyes, she saw me as a daughter they never had. She had several times prayed to a Saint that I, the lost daughter/sister, once would come with them. She also had a clairvoyant consulted. That said I would come on a good day, when I would be great. And so it is done! Though I am not big, but also a small sock, like my brothers and father. That day we all (including crew) had lunch and then went to the hotel again Jaap, Joep and Roy, and also added some ” shootings ” making beautiful Sicily’s ë. We have spent that night at our new family and old photo’s looked. We got a nice cup of Italian ice cream and there was a dish on the table with delicious Italian sweet candies, where they so love. I still have them what gifts given during the lunch, they were quite happy with it. That afternoon, we have done a tour of Sicily by car. My youngest brother drove us around Adriano, Maurizio went further with it, and my stepmother. Aldo stayed home because he was tired, very understandable. My stepmother (which by the way also like me Catharina is called) also went with it. She stood there on gifts for us to buy. We got a box with delicious Italian cookies, which bought them also for Jaap, Joep and Roy. And I got another beautiful Italian marionettepop, a soldier, which there is a certain meaning.

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\ evening me and Rob weather brought to the hotel, after first having taken leave of the extended family. They found it regrettable that we understood é é n day remained, but that they are not. The next day we had to get up early 4 am, 5 am because we had to leave to the airport. Wednesday 12 april 2006 weather on early that morning to and from the airport. The journey back went smoothly. We sat each with our own thoughts on the plane. At Schiphol we said goodbye to John, Joep and Roy. These three men go I really miss. What a great guys are that with a golden heart. They have got a place in my heart forever and I will definitely be email or call sometime. Of course, Loes, Sylvana, Barbara and Angel Mulder (on whose site it all started) also deep impressed me, and also that are not yet off me. In the meantime, my brothers and father already called me, and I get three or four e-mails a day from them. Quite comical, as Maurizio tries through a translation program to write me in Dutch and that comes to very strange crazy sentences, but that’s okay because I understand it! He does so its best! And I’m going to also learn Italian though. I hope to visit them soon again and who knows they can visit me once. In short, it was a great trip to Sicily’s ë with so many memories. Tuesday april 11, 2006 On might be the same time that a wanted Italian personal support worker from Corleone was arrested and nabbed after more than 40 years, I met my father, Aldo Natoli of Syracusa, Sicily’s ë.Click here to read the first part.Click here to read part two.

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