The Chaplin Collection

Charlie Chaplin was born on 16 april 1889 in England. His parents were entertainers and divorced shortly after his birth. The youth of Chaplin is characterized by poverty, hunger, atrocities and loneliness. Topics you can find frequently in his films. Starting from his eighth year, Chaplin already on the shelves. In his teens, he moved to America with the theatre company of Fred Karno. In America he was discovered by Mark Sennet, Chaplin was then seventeen years old. Starting from z ´ n thirteenth film, Caught In The Rain (1914), Chaplin directed himself. Keep the world of Chaplin would soon and he would laugh movie change forever. The pursuit-slapstick was an art form. The best-known role of Chaplin was that of the Wanderer, a male from simple descent with a small mustache and a considerable personal dignity. The first signed Chaplin on z ´ n 30th millions of contract in film history for directing 8 movies. One of these films, The kid (1921) with Jackie Coogan, was the second largest hit film until then. In 1944, Chaplin after a holiday in Europe denied access to the United States. After twenty years of exile Chaplin made an emotional pilgrimage and returned to California to ë a special honorary Oscar in receiving it. Queen Elizabeth II hit him in 1975 to Knight. Chaplin died on 25 december 1977 in Corsier-Sur-Vevuy in Switzerland.

the collection begins with a documentary in which the granddaughter of Chaplin tells about his filmcarri è re. At the same time, there are beautiful to see film clips that give you a good idea of what all Chaplin has done in his life. Chaplin not only played in movies, he wrote, directed and also produced many of the films. He wrote also a number of the music, something many people do not know. In the second part of the documentary is brought you to the place where Chaplin is buried. From there, one of the children of Eugene Chaplin tells, about his father, but also about his mother. This section is more about the life of Chaplin himself told. When he met his wife and where they were going to live after he no longer could back to the United States. All this is supported by many priv é-material, from their home in Switzerland, the people who received them there, holiday images and many pieces of Charlie, Oona and the children. The DVD box contains the documentary fifteen short films and two feature films. Fifteen short films: The Pawn Shop, Shanghaied, The Bank, A Woman, The Immigrant, The Count, The Adventurer, By The Sea, Easy Street, The Cure, A Night At The Show, Behind The Screen, The Rink, The Floor walker, The Fireman. Two feature films: Tillie Punctured Romance and The Kid. For the real Chaplin fans this is a must. I myself am not really fan, but think it is nice to have this kind of movies to watch. Especially on rainy, boring days. The Chaplin Collection A collection of films from and with Charlie Chaplin Genre: Comedy time: over 8 hours (6 DVD’s) English spoken, Dutch subtitles released by House of Knowledge

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