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the book consists of four parts: dog behavior, understand and manage incidents and problems, prevention and cure of diseases, and finally, the care of the older dog. Each part starts with some general information, after which specific problems in short pieces such as \ ‘ what if my dog in bad and should be done? \ ‘ \ ‘ what if my dog constantly winds late? \ ‘ daily problems are clearly discussed. For example, because what can you do if your dog does not want to swim? You have to then uh … and there so indent itself? No, it’s enough to make with your dog to play in shallow water, in a place where the shore slopes gently. Refreshing tips so! My dog has a ‘ lick-problem ‘ \ ‘, because if not I lookout slurping off Bill’s knob they me completely. Sweet, but not so pleasant. What does Jim Evans on this? Ignore and give no chance to the dog to lick. Well, that is what is difficult. Evans further writes: ” often it is also a sign of excessive servitude and can advice on pages. 32 provide a solution. ” OK é, I browse back to that page, where I opinion get to ignore the behavior (again?) and to increase the confidence of the dog \ ‘ to give some extra privileges by him, see pages. 26 \ ‘. So on to that page again. There is the Golden tip: ignore it! Goh. And Jim Evans adds: ” you can increase his confidence by him to briefly put his front legs on your shoulders while you kneel, and allow him some extra privileges ” . OK é, here I can still little, too bad. Awfully handy is the third chapter, in which tips and advice are for if your dog is ill or injured. It explains when and how you can remedy or something when you really need to call the veterinarian. For example: \ ‘ what if my dog refuses to eat? \ ‘ \ ‘, what if my dog has bad breath? \ ‘, but also lumps, growths, unconsciousness, blindness and sneezing are treated. Convenient, I don’t have my mother in law (which dogs expert is) no longer to call! Conclusion: a convenient, fun book to complement the rest of your dogs books collection. The texts in \ ‘ what if my dog …?\ ‘ are easily written, the layout is logical and the drawings are at times hilarious! Also useful is that there in the back of a alphabetical registry, which allows you to look up everything quickly. The big drawback is that everything in é é n book, while you’re actually a book apart for each chapter need. This guide is a handy reference for all kinds of daily questions. But when it comes to education and specific behavioral problems goes, I grab yet again to Martin Gaus! Image removed by redactieWat if my dog …? Author: Jim Evans Atrium, by order of the publishing house Elmar ISBN 9059471229 price: 12.50 euro order now! Hondse questions  Hondse questions What if my dog …J. Evans

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