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the 12-part drama series \ ‘ File Verhulst \ ‘ was in the eighties by the cable broadcast. Now, so many years later, the series released on dvd and I think that is a very good choice. This note I mentioned before I have seen but also é é n episode. A series with Liz Snoyink, Dolf de Vries and Derek de Lint has got to be good. At first, am a little disappointed. It’s all so slowly, but as the end of the first episode draws to a close, I know already what I’m going to do today: watch dvd. I am so curious as to how it goes with the recently graduated lawyer Eric Hoogland. The series revolves around Hoogland. He starts his own Office and é é n of its first patients is the influential businessman Oscar ë cli Verhulst. From the date on which the case takes, changes his life Hoogland Verhulst total. He falls from the one in the other intrigue. On the dvd box indicates that this series all the elements that have to do with human emotions unites. ” Intrigue, lies, love, blackmail and tension determine the proportions in the series, which can measure up to the practice and characters of Dallas and Dynasty. ” There is nothing too much. \ ‘ File Verhulst \ ‘ is really a fascinating series. Something exciting happens in each episode. Give a summary of more than ten hours of viewing pleasure without giving away the story line, is impossible. You need the series really look and you will like me be amazed by the story line. As a viewer you think at first that the case of Verhulst é n é of the many is just, but it is not. This is a case with a special taste. The actors playing a strong role. The sound is good, just like the image quality. What I do regret is that every time you see the beginning of the episode. I know after watching é é n times now which who plays. That meant so flush, just like at the end credits. That I do not want to see. I want to see how it turns out. Fortunately, the series was too exciting to be able to lay down next to me. Ideal during a rainy day off. Of course you can also watch an episode every time before going to bed, but you will agree with me. If you have seen é n é episode, would you like to see them all in a row. Advice: start so \

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Episodes 1. The be ë duty * 2. The incident 3. The divorce 4. The boarding school 5. The reconciliation 6. The seduction begins 7. The moment of truth 8. Cold shower 9. The confrontation 10. The attack 11. The retaliation 12. A new zetDossier Verhulst with Derek de Lint, Liz Snoyink, Petra Laseur, Dolf de Vries, Rudi Falkenhagen and Jules Hamel released by: House of Knowledge Estimated playing time: 10 hours and 30 minutes (3 dvd) look advice: 12, violence list price: 19.99

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