Let me but equally

after a divorce trying to resume her life Nell Dysart. She is not only lost her husband but also her job. Sisters-in-law é n her ex-best friends support her through thick and thin, but make the life of Nell harder. They also finds another job and her life is a whole lot more exciting. Playing a Secretary on a detective agency keeps everyone busy. Nell tries somewhat dusty image of the detective agency, which has kept her boss, Gabe to modernise to maintain carefully with all its consequences. The tension between Nell and Gabe is almost palpable. But will its stubborn attitude and its separate lines their blossoming love quick end? In addition to all the complications on her work, she gets into family circle is still a lot for her choose. An absurd whirlwind with a dog, family worries, é n her devilish boss corpses in the freezer in the lead role. Mixed with a touch of romance, cynicism, tension and a lot of hilarity. It took a while before the book could really Captivate me. There are so many different characters in for not all of which are easy to remember. It is often not clear what they have to do with the story in the first place. Continue reading I still wanted to know what else would happen to Nell. At the end of the book become the all clear. It is certainly a delicious book for the languid summer day on the balcony.Jennifer Crusie let me but equally 335 pages Publishing House: The house of books ISBN: 9044314602 list price: 17,50 euro

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