10 years IOS

What once began as a student band, is after a decade had grown to a mature whole. With \ ‘ pluperfect \ ‘, with which she won the Groninger Students festival in 1996, they came totally unexpected to number 6 in the charts. Joost Marsman, Joost H, Sander rozeboom, Matthijs van Dongen, Jasper forest and Rubin Gade were totally \ ‘ hot \ ‘ and performed hundreds of times on. but around the new millennium became silent … Hits é the number of performances was out, remained on é n hand count.

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Over the years, left one of the keyboardists the band and there were three different drummers on the drum throne. However, the men went through, they remained just rehearsing and went their own course. Last year came the fourth album, appropriately named – that – \ ‘ \ ‘ was 4. The single \ ‘ How it feels \ ‘ was picked up by the rural radio stations and was again a hit. Now also the new single \ ‘ out of the shadows \ ‘ is used for a commercial from the State Lottery, it seems the band all the way back. And that turned out to be the fact that IOS for a sold out Paradiso occurs. Though it was also a reunion of many old-Groningen.

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Right from the opening track’s this now love \ ‘ was the vote on the part of the public good at it. Something clearly skipped on the boys. The smile was not of the faces of the band members to take away, visible they enjoyed the enthusiastic audience. There were guest appearances by Henk Westbroek and Syb van der Ploeg. For me personally not really surprising and provided no added value, but that did not diminish the evening for me. As far as I’m concerned it was a performance that was … I say: every year Paradiso!

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