DVD: 60 years of liberation

this impressive box let see the highlights and low points of the liberation of the Netherlands. The box is carefully formulated by its creators. All major points are covered and also Dutch-Indi ë is not forgotten. Something other documentary makers often forgotten. The series is based on the different Memorial broadcast supplier.This you can expect: part 1-operation Market Garden in september 1944, the Allied forces are at the gates of Netherlands. They are é n é question: How can we qualify as soon as possible to the heart of Germany. The British General Montgomery knows the answer. It’s a bold plan, but according to him should the allies control of the bridges in the river landscape of Netherlands. This means the beginning of the liberation of the Netherlands. As a viewer you follow operation Market Garden on the foot. In addition, the first dvd images of the commemoration ceremony of 2004, in the presence of Queen Beatrix and Prince Charles. You see memorable images and eye-witnesses and specialists tell their story. Running time: +/-260 minutes part 2-Westerbork many Jews, Gypsies and resistance fighters were between 1942 and 1945 by train from Westerbork to concentration camps elsewhere. It must have been terrible and that is why it is right that we should not forget it. On Tuesday 12 april 2005 was exactly sixty years ago that camp Westerbork was freed by the Canadian Army. The dvd shows pictures of that day. Furthermore all facts about the camp listed. In addition, the second dvd a series reports of survivors and liberators from Westerbork. I found their stories very very impressive.Running time: +/-200 minutes part 3-liberation day everyone lived up to it. Only nobody knew when it really would happen. On 5 May 1945 it was finally a fact: the liberation of Netherlands. Everyone thought the war would be over, but the were five long years of war. May 5 is a very special day for everyone. This dvd in the series contains six impressive portraits of survivors. They tell about how they went after the war. In addition, the course of the liberation of the southern provinces follow in the documentary \ ‘ \ ‘ In the fire of the liberation. Images of the last é in 2005 defil in Wageningen and previous editions may also not be missed. You can also listen to the speech of Prince Willem Alexander in Den Bosch. Running time: 240 minutes part 4-Indi ë commemoration one forgets sometimes that Dutch-Indi ë a war took place. I therefore think it is very good that the creators of this box not forget the suffering there. This dvd gives a broad picture of what is going on in the former Dutch-Indi ë has played during the Japanese occupation. Supplemented by various images of commemorations, footage from a documentary about Indonesian women’s camp Tjideng, prisoners of war and stories of eyewitnesses. Running time: +/-200 minutes part 5-Liberators from when this part contains a report of the parade of the \ ‘ \ ‘ liberators from then through the streets of Apeldoorn. A unique triumph with mostly Canadian veterans. We also see images of the liberation of Apeldoorn, a portrait of é é n of the liberators and an interview with Princess Margriet. She takes off the defil é in Apeldoorn. Running time: +/-204 minutes the interviews with survivors of the war, according to me the most beautiful elements of this dvd. If you have not experienced the war is it so difficult to feel what those people are going through. You know the stories of Grandpa’s and Grandma’s might be, but every time it seizes me again to the throat. This must not be forgotten. We should focus on the war. It doesn’t matter that it is for more than 60 years ago. We should be happy that we are free é n that we owe to our liberators.

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60 years liberation released by: Bridge Pictures estimated time: over 18 hours kijkwijzer: suitable for all ages list price: 74,99 84,99 order now for only €! DVD nosave: 60 years liberation  DVD: 60 years liberation

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