' who s that girl

at the time that Loudon and Nikki get together it goes all wrong almost immediately. Nikki wants to drive a car, but can they actually do? If they see a shopping centre makes them an instant exit, go over the shoulder and the other side. Nikki know Loudon on her lovely way to persuade a quarter of an hour at the mall to bring around. She wants to buy a present for her mother, who she has not seen for four years. At the Mall swipes Nikki of in total, and comes away with too. By Nikki’s style of driving, they are stopped by the police. Nikki know to convince the man that Loudon her husband and that he has a heart attack. She gets no traffic ticket and Loudon comes to hospital. As Loudon wakes up is Nikki long road. He finds the car, the Rolls Royce of his upcoming mother-in-law, back in a slum. Completely destroyed and cummed with graffiti. Loudon finds Nikki in a building where they just in consultation with an arms dealer. After a chase by police tells Nikki to Loudon why they all do. She tells what happened four years ago, and now she wants to clear her name first before they go to Philadelphia. She is than might be a thief, but she has never killed anyone. At Cartier hits the key they lost Nikki has. This key gives access to a safety deposit box at a bank. In this safe will Nikki find evidence about the person who committed the actual murder. Fortunately, they find the key to return soon and they can go to the bank. But they are just too late … the bank just close and the security guard gives no inch. The next day at 10 am they can come back. They do this and Nikki takes the contents of the safety deposit box with it, without looking at them. As Nikki already on its way to Philadelphia she looks only to the papers that were sitting in the safety deposit box. All the pieces of the puzzle fall into each other. With an excuse to get Nikki know the bus driver he runs back for her. To find out the denouement to come you will have to go see the movie.

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And this is not even everything that happened in the movie. So there is Murray, the Patagonian felis concolor, there are a bunch of criminals, a hostage situation, the car is stolen, police officers by whom they be followed and funny anecdotes of different taxi drivers. Actually, the film an accumulation of different events. Some will say it is unreal, removed and others find this hilarious. I belong to the latter group and find it a very nice movie. For me just no youth sentiment because I was just two years old, but for many this movie will be youth sentiment and might be nice memories.Who’s that girl with Madonna and Griffin Dunne time: approx. 90 minutes Extra: Theatrical trailer

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