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Tim Burton makes special films. You know fixed the romantic, little crazy and dark film \ ‘ \ ‘ still Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp. Also \ ‘ \ ‘ is The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton and is a classic characteristic of him. \ ‘ \ ‘ Corpse Bride (bride Seem), however, is very special. This animated film is completely taken up with the stop motion technique. In the fast, digital and hurried era where we are we alive now so accustomed to computer-controlled animation and cartoons, that a film like Corpse Bride is extra special. Not only because of the time (five years!), energy and love that is put into it in the film, but certainly because of the original story.

The unkind and puritanical father of Victoria

the film is set in a 19th-century village and the décor is based on Victorian times. Victor (with the voice of Johnny Depp) is the shy and awkward son of a wealthy fisherman’s family. Victoria (with the voice of Emily Watson) is a daughter from a noble but cash-strapped family. \ ‘ \ ‘ Plan is to Victor and Victoria to marry with each other; so climbs the family of Victor the social ladder and are the parents of Victoria saved kakkineuze life in the Poorhouse. The story starts with a great song about \ ‘ \ ‘ and the plan is sung by the parents of both lovers. Initially want to Victor and Victoria not to get married, until they meet each other in person, during a wonderful sc è ne at the piano in the House of Victoria. They are in love and actually want nothing more than to get married. What can still go wrong? If possible, everything!

Image removed by redactieZullen Victor & Victoria

still eventually marry? The clumsy Victor ruining the wedding rehearsals and flees to the forest. There he learns his oath by heart. During that walk in the Woods is done the impossible. He marries accidentally with a dead bride! Victor ends up under ground, in the realm of the dead. Hades is striking \ ‘ \ ‘ cozier than above, in the land of the living. There is danced, Sung and everything looks more colorful and more cheerful from. Despite the more beautiful and colorful live underground is Victor incredibly sad. He has, after all, his true love, Victoria, above left and wants to do everything to return to the land of the living. It\ ‘s Corpse Bride \ ‘ Emily, however, not just let him go. How this all ends you have to see for yourself, but it is an animated film that you can’t just forget again.

Image removed by redactieVictor and his Corpse Bride Emily

Generally, I find the extra’s on a DVD does not always add something extra’s. Except for a film like \ ‘ \ ‘ Corpse Bride. It is fascinating to see how a film like this is made up, and the stop-motion technique, where the dolls every time in a different position, her fine explains. You get an awful lot of admiration for the team with so much passion for a movie. The doll makers themselves are true artists, but also the people who made the dolls every time so \ ‘ n attitude and frown giving that a supple and lifelike picture are real professionals. A look behind the scenes of stop-motion is fascinating. The use of color or no color, exposure, and special techniques; everything is equally interesting. The music of the film is composed by Danny Elfman and you see how he with the sounds and music two completely different worlds (Hades and land of the living) are trying to view. Nothing to this movie, you can see, after watching the extra’s, still taken for granted. The film is suitable for children from the age of 6, but for adults is \ ‘ Corpse Bride \ ‘ also an absolute must!Extra’s: the two worlds, Danny Elfman interprets the two worlds from the inside looking at How the animators breathe life into Tim Burton: dark VS. Light voices from the underworld Dolls bring to life the voices behind the voice The Corpse Bride Pre-production galleries music track BioscooptrailerCorpse Bride with the voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Traci Ullman time: 74 minutes  Corpse Bride order now for only 19.99!  Corpse Bride  Corpse Bride

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