Mathilde Santing in The Wiz

big surprise is the versatile singer Mathilde Santing; with her role as Glinda returns them after eight years back in a musical. She follows in the footsteps of the Tony award winning jazz singer Lena Horne who played this role in the movie The Wiz. In addition to Mathilde Santing were also Marjolijn rope, Jeroen Phaff, Sophia Viper, Charly Luske and Peter rijnbeek disclosed as other cast members of The Wiz. DJ Jeroen van Inkel presented at the press meeting for the first time the new version of \ ‘ A Brand New Day \ ‘, sung by lead actress Nurlaila Karim along with Tashka Cijntje and Idols finalist Angelique Kala. This new modern version of the famous number 1 hit from the years \ ‘ 70 is produced by Tjeerd Oosterhuis. Previously, it was announced that Nurlaila Karim will play the lead role of Dorothy. She made her theater debut in Miss Saigon, played the lead in Fame and Rent. For the latter role, she received in 2001 the John kraaijkamp Musical Award for best female lead. The other main roles are among others played by Danny de Munk (The Lion King, Titanic) in the title role of The Wiz, Jerrel Hamilton (42nd Street, Miss Saigon, The Lion King) as the Blikkeman and Danny Yanga (The Lion King)

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