The Hammam at your House

In five steps get your with Rituals Hammam Hammam in your home. You start with a traditional olive paste, the Hammam Olive Secret, which you can use as a shower gel. This is followed by a scrub and deep cleansing with the Hammam Hot Scrub, which pure sea salt, warming ginger and fresh eucalyptus contains. The result: a soft and smooth-feeling skin. At the third step hul your body in mud with the Hammam Body Mud. This step provides extra relaxation by the operation of Chinese clay with eucalyptus again. This provides a real boost and energy. Next, it is wonderful to get you off to take a shower with the soft Hammam Delight shower foam, which contains Rosemary and eucalyptus extracts. The gel can foam if it comes into contact with water and feels nice and soft. If valve after this thorough cleaning hul in the Touch your body or Hammam body cream that nourishes your skin and cares. The cr è me includes rice milk and has a delicious smell of figs.

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Granted, this line is é cht pleas tasty. It is in the beginning to get used to the strong odor of eucalyptus and olives, which really is present in excess, but the feeling is really delicious. The products are of course also separately to use and especially the Olive Secret and the Hammam Delight, who both just as shower foam to use. But is highly recommended to purchase the complete line and your own Hammam in home. Delicious after a tiring day at work or as boost for a night out!Prices: Hammam Olive Secret, 150 ml tube € 14.50 Hammam Hot Scrub, 250 gr pot € 14.50 Hammam Body Mud, 250 ml jar € 14.90 Hammam 200 ml bottle € Delight, 6.90 Touch or Hammam, 250 ml jar € 12.90 more info or order online:

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