Sacha the Suvery grows on as an only child of a French gallery owner and an American art collector daughter. That they eventually itself also in the art would go to work, of course was beyond dispute. During her studies in New York, she married Arthur with the ten year older a Wallstreet-banker, with whom she has two children, Xavier and Tatiana. They then work for her father and travels up and down between Paris and New York. She takes her father to a wing with good, honest modern art on his gallery to add, and with it being the Suvery Galery the main gallery of the contemporary art of Paris. It takes after not long before New York opened, which also of course a Suvery Galery Sascha runs. She travels a lot up and down between New York and Paris and its luck may not on! But to her boundless happiness comes to an end quite dramatically when they first loses her old father and then her husband, who succumbs to a heart attack at the Office. She tackles her work, but is very unhappy. And then she meets the young and promising painter Liam. Liam is 9 years younger than her and keeps a much Wilder life than they used to and yet he excites her, as no other man has been able to Captivate her more, after the death of her husband. While Sacha her father’s Gallery put on a map, emerged at the international level to é é n of the Liam most original young painters of this time. They begin a passionate relationship, which they try to keep secret for her adult children and her conventional cli è le è nt of the art world. A tragedy in Liams family upsets, however, their perfect happiness and forces them both to a almost impossible sacrifice… I’m so obviously no Dani ë lle Steel fan, so the predilection for certain books is (thankfully!) not genetic. The characters and locations in the book are interesting and reasonably well explored, but are a long way from my bed. Also, I had trouble getting \ ‘ \ ‘ to come into it and I had to literally throughout the book back wrestling. Furthermore, I think the story and the plot, like all Dani ë lle Steel movies I have seen, very very predictable. May be a fun book to lazy on vacation somewhere on a beautiful beach or terrace to read. For the enthusiasts than. I love the é é n woensdagse-n \ ‘ once a year as RTL4-jank movie watching. Da’s Dani ë lle Shank more than enough for me!Image removed by redactieDanielle Steel-(UN) Possible 319 Page’s Publishing House: Sijthoff | 2006 ISBN: 9024554942 list price: 17.95 euro

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