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series is put on three DVD’s: 1. the living planet, the blue planet 2. The climate puzzle, stories of other worlds 3. The Sun, gifts of our planet and the fate of the Earth the first DVD tells the story of two primal forces of the Earth: fire and water. Volcanoes and earthquakes, the Earth is constantly moving. Scientists are over the centuries been curious about this constant forces and studying the Earth’s crust continuously. In the oceans are getting new life forms discovered. But the power of the water can be devastating, such as storms and seaquakes. On the second DVD we get a picture was supposed to weather changes over the millennia. How was the weather centuries ago and what lies ahead? A new ice age is inevitable, or the Earth will perish to a giant flood? The second episode on this DVD takes us to the planets in our environment: Venus and Nemesis. Travel to these places in our universe so as the secrets of the origins of our own planet.

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On the last DVD contains three episodes about the Sun, the hidden treasures of our Earth and the future. The Sun is the celestial body that most affects the Earth. In the episode the Sun is \ ‘ \ ‘ portrayed what that can mean for the future and how dependent we are from the Sun. The quarrying and minerals that makes available to our Earth, are invaluable for us. The episode’s Gifts of our planet \ ‘ tells how these treasures have emerged. Finally, let us take a look at Planet Earth in the future. Floods, the greenhouse effect, a nuclear winter. What is the fate of the Earth, and how can humanity this \ ‘ \ ‘ halt demolition sigh? Although this series a full reference book in your hands, fell against me greatly this DVD-box. On a scale of 4 billion years, this edition obviously brand new, but as a viewer of now you have the idea to go back to the ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ 70 and 80. Most of the used image material originates from that time and gives therefore a huge outdated and distorted image. When there is talk of \ ‘ \ ‘ ë n you get the latest technology for example, a computer in image where your laptop 30 times in fits. Also, the quality of the image therefore bad and you don’t have the idea to a DVD to watch, but krassige to a videotape. Publisher Orion would be well advised to make a new documentary in 2006 and again to try to win an Emmy Award.Image removed by redactiePlanet Earth Orion Channel 410-minute English spoken, Dutch subtitled Dolby 5.1 Image 16: 9 ISBN 9077742344

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