A biscuittje in your tea the sound on this CD sounds rough and unpolished, there is so not omgeprutst to hear and that makes the sound of Lefties Soul Connection according to me unique. Place Stew in your CD player, listen and you’re just totally confused. At least, I was completely confused. I thought: \ ‘ I turn a CD and did no plate on m \ a turntable laid? \ ‘. Lefties Soul Connection’s funky-soul music sounds so typical seventies: harsh and occasionally as a biscuittje in your tea squelchy … Yes, the music on Stew sounds a bit rancid, but is also very tasty. Recently you could see this band live on Noorderslag and Oranjepop, unfortunately I was not one of them. But I can’t wait to hear this band live. According to me they live just as good as on CD. .. Groove Because all the songs on the CD will be released earlier, Stew for the loyal listener of Lefties Soul Connection not really add value. O. K, a CD you do as opposed to vinyl not to turn around and put you with love this CD on repeat … a new album of Lefties Soul Connection stands for August in the planning. Until then you can enjoy undisturbed a thick Stew half an hour on the musical masterpieces of this genial band. Yea I like the music that the men of Lefties Soul Connection making ingeniously. They keep me with their funk music just kidding: this is a CD from 2006 and no LP from the seventies… The typical bass lines, tight drums and sticky hammond riedeltjes, after a few songs I can listen to it: I have to dance! Funk does it as far as I am concerned, always very nice on a swinging party and you do not hear often more nowadays-but Lefties Soul Connection has it… Lefties Soul Connection has groove! 1. Doin \ ‘ The Thing 2. Sling Shot 3. It’s Your Thing/Hey Pocky A-Way 4. Peacock Strut 5. V2 6. Organ Donor 7. Bouncing Ball 8. Generator Oil 9. Bam Bam 10. Welly Wanging 11. Stew Image removed by editors Lefties Soul Connection-Stew running time: 36 minutes and four seconds. Tag: melting Pot Music/Excelsior recordings Website: Lefties Soul Connection

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