Mama, I used to be…

Re ï reincarnation all Over the world there are children who spontaneously talk about their previous life (s), without even ever heard of the concept of re ï reincarnation. For more than 40 years, this phenomenon is to research done at the University of Virginia. Writer Jim. B. Tucker leads this research and wrote the book as a result Mama, I used to be… In this book you will find the results of more than 2500 cases examined in which children talk about their memories of a past life.Research Jim b. Tucker used his experiences as a central point when writing about re ï reincarnation. In Mama, I used to … Let he you through several stories of children, who claim that they have been on Earth, previously acquainted with re ï reincarnation. These children come up with details about their previous life (s) and often describe the way they died. Everyone knows that children often have a rich imagination, but with so \ ‘ n re ï to come, there is reincarnation story a bit more to it. And that has more \ ‘ \ ‘ Jim b. Tucker investigated. Memories Tucker did this research with a degree of caution. Because people claim is often what and to memories of a former life sticking prejudices of deceit and unreliability. This he kept in mind during his talks on the memories that children told. He sought not only matter if the story could knock, but were looking for actually in history and on the spots that the children described. So he came to an interesting study with equally interesting results. Because, what do you do if you find out that what a child told you, true? Details In the book are several re reincarnation stories of young children to read ï that detailed things like name, family status, place, hobby’s, remember their past life love etc. from. Research shows that after these children and these things could not possibly know, but that these facts seem to be correct… Children who are born with scars, skin discolorations and birthmarks on the same place as a deceased person within the family. Or children who are born with a certain handicap which exactly matches that of a deceased. But also the stories of children with certain fears for objects or situations and, for example, begin to tell you how they are shot or died during a fire. And what do you do as a parent, if your child you told such stories? This woolly and much, much more can be read in Mama, I used to be… It’s a fascinating book full of compelling, poignant stories of children who tell about their experiences. Jim b. Tuckers pluiste these stories out, he took no pleasure with only the story and suggested each for judgement to the jaw. This includes, among other things, he thought hypnosis, imagination, culture, cheats, belief, spiritual speculations and knowledge. Any prejudice that a man can think of the stories involved and therefore there is nothing zweverigs to the stories and explanations. I’m therefore sure z é lfs the people who are not in re reincarnation believe, t ó ï ch ï against re reincarnation to go look very different after reading this book. I have the book with bouts of disbelief and emotion and very thoughtful read. ” Mama, I used … ” your child will say to you the … Image but removed by Editor Jim b. Tucker-Mommy, I used to be… ISBN: 9022991873 240 pages A.W. Bruna list price: 14, 95 euro order Online! nosave Mama, I used to be...  Mama, I used to be... Mama, I used to be…J.b. Tucker

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