The ruler of the shadow country

Jan De Campeneare

bronze at HuMo’s Rock Rally is meanwhile in the Belgian popscene no stranger anymore. After obtaining the third place under the name Venus in Flames, at Humo’s Rock Rally (where about 700 musicians participated) goes hard with this Fleming. Critics labeled The Campeneare if the revelation for fans of Jeff Buckley, Neill Young and Nick Drake, not the least of names in the singer-songwriter genre.Sounding names when debut record the first album of The Campeneare \ ‘ Notes or tenderness \ ‘ sees the light in 2003. On the plate are Adrian Zaki of Novastar and Sarah Bettens, known by K’s Choice, be heard in the backing vocals. The album of Venus in Flames is a Badr family affair. In addition to that Sarah sings, produces a tune brother Gert the cd. \ ‘ Notes or tenderness \ ‘ has for months in the highest echelons of the Belgian album listings and also abroad did the plate well.Metamorphosis Live Campeneare was also supported by Gert Bettens and a number of other group members. But unfortunately it turned out last year that these members the different projects where in they played no longer could combine with Venus in Flames and the formation underwent a metamorphosis. Deniz é (guitar) and Filip David Ross (bass) were attracted by Arid and Dries Vincent on drums accompany the Campeneare on the new album and on the live circuit.Emotional shadow country together with Deniz é popped the Campeneare the studio and now follows the result; Sriram \ ‘ \ ‘. The influence of the Arid-guitarist is quite noticeable. The numbers are great and explained the whole record sounds fuller in its entirety. The plate rocks more that the previous and in that respect, the Campeneare grown. Where \ ‘ \ ‘ very fragile sounds, Notes or tenderness is the next album a lot more exciting and more risky. The ten songs you drag, starting from the first issue, in the State of mind of The Campeneare. Sound by his grief, fear and despair in the plate. Nevertheless, make all these emotions no \ ‘ \ ‘ but a whole album of heavy fair plate. Unfortunately, I can’t get away to the comparison with Chris Martin of Coldplay, for example, or Thom Yorke of Radiohead, as done in the media is more often. But Venus in Flames is especially Jan de Campeneare and there is nothing wrong with that.Tracklist: 01. Easy way out 02. Shadowlands 03. Part of you 04. Helping hand 05. Don’t let me down 06. Freaks 07. Forwards/Backwards 08. Save me 09. Shine 10. Clouds or 41,26 smokeVenus Ssr – running time: in Flames minutes tag: Lipstick notes/PIAS list price: 18.99 euro

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