The Magical Rhythms of Ireland II, Saint ' Patrick s Day

the Mysterious Man, played by Peter Corry, is the narrator of the story. He fulfills his role as guide with verve by an American couple, that goes in search of their Irish roots. His tales lead you through the mystical old Ireland, with its gods and magi ë rs. Also the modern Ireland will pass the revue. You will be taken to a \ ‘ \ ‘ typical Irish pub, where different drinking songs are performed. The American couple is on hilarious, exaggerated way put down. This couple shows throughout the show, however, have the necessary vocal qualities.

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The Group of dancers, consisting of eight men and four women, is young and dynamic. Their enthusiasm varicose off the stage! The typical Irish way of tap dancing, where the upper body is held tightly and it especially to the fast-paced rhythmic footwork is impressive! Put these young people at high speed down a dazzling show, in which alternation prevails. Of the first soft touch the wooden floor to the deafening up-tempo tapping; the public undergoes it all breathless. This breathtaking danssc è nes are interspersed with singing and music. Outside Peter Corry, who steals the show with its beautiful warm voice sound, also shines in her role as barmaid/singer Lorna Brooks. They lived with her husky voice also put down something beautiful. In particular the song ” Hallelujah ” in which she accompanies himself on the guitar, is impressive.

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The show has as its central theme reason St. Patrick’s Day. Running throughout the evening is this holiday by the performance back. If you become the public history and the preparations for this great day. This holiday is ever created as a protest of the Irish immigrants against their \ ‘ \ ‘ underdog position in America. Today it is the day when the Irish say taking pride in their Irish descent. The national Irish color green is reflected in the clothing and also the \ ‘ \ ‘ sham-rock (the cloverleaf symbol of father, son and the Holy Spirit) is to see anywhere on that day. After-sure are you during the show to witness this holiday. The parade comes, very surprisingly, from behind from the floor inside. A bagpipe accompanies all of this blazer doedelend flag bearers and dancers paraded to the stage for the Grand Finale.

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The standing ovation that followed on this spectacular show, was sincere, and not, as I ever see something like this, purely out of courtesy. At the end of the performance was still in the lobby the opportunity to buy CDs. Peter Corry and Lorna Brooks signed this on the spot for the enthusiast. Do you want this version, you can still visit to 24 May 2006. For further information and the current play list see:

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