The Chronicles of Narnia

the story is about four children who are placed with a professor during the war in the countryside. When they play hide and seek, they come by accident through a wardrobe in another world, the world of Narnia. In Narnia, dwarfs, fauns, Centaurs life speaking animals and Giants. Once was Narnia a peaceful country, but the White Witch Jadis now dominated by a spell. She is cruel and heartless. The issuer shall ensure that the winter always remains in Narnia. The four children are destined to redeem this Narnia witch, who is the Queen of Narnia calls it. Aslan the wise and powerful lion helps them in doing so, together with his army of talking animals. For enthusiasts, there is a special two-dvd collector’s edition issued. There is no less than 3.5 hours of bonus material on! Am you’ve always been a fan of ‘ the making of ‘ \ … \, then this particular extended DVD is right for you! From the moment the Director (Andrew Adamson) went to work for this film, he takes you behind the scenes to show what all is involved in making such a great movie. You see how the costumes are designed and how the creatures of Narnia are designed and made. You get a look at the visual effects and are witness to the recording of the melting River. You hear the tell production designer about designing and building the sets and sets and for the problems which they are facing.

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The Director, who calls the film a marriage between his own experiences while reading Narnia as nine-year-old boy, and the tales of the writer, is the word. Also the four children who play the leading roles in Narnia, tell about their experiences from the time they audition did until the last day of filming in New Zealand. You see how they get lessons in sword fighting, horseback riding and archery. Also you can hear how they found it to be for half a year from home during their stay in New Zealand. They are unanimous that this movie has be ï affected their lives permanently. Or, as the youngest actress says with a sense of understatement: ” everything was a little different. ”

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Disc 1 movie: * the bloopers of Narnia * Discover fun Narnia news * spoken notes to the production team * spoken explanation of the Director and the four children.Disc 2 The cre ë ren of Narnia: * Chronicles of a Director * The magical journey of the children * the development of an epic * from the life of é é n man * the * The Visual storytellers cre ë creatures * analysis of a sc è ne * The melting River.Beings, legends and the country: * Creatures from around the world * discover * Narnia Legends over the years.Title: the Chronicles of Narnia, the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe. Actors: including Tilda Swinton (witch), Georgie Henley (Lucy), Kander Keynes (Edmund), William Mosley (Peter), Anna Poppleveld (Susan), including bonus material running time: 348 minutes (2 DVD) Genre: family age: from 12 years old order now! the chronicles of Narnia  the chronicles of Narnia Chronicles of Narnia (2DVD) The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe

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