The true story behind the Da Vinci Code

Although the Da Vinci Code immensely popular with a large audience and took out all the books charts, has also gotten a lot about herself Than Brown. So he would have committed plagiarism and is the Church not-amused about his theory that Jesus would be married with Mary Magdalene and had children. The author himself says that his story is based on truths and that apart from the main character Langdon really proven. The DVD unmasking of the Da Vinci Code shows that the book is fiction. Let the documentation interviews with devout, historians and scientists who explain that many of his facts \ ‘ \ ‘ can be interpreted in different ways. Pity is that these experts statements as ” lies ” and ” relschopperij ” , with which Christianity has purposely want to damage Brown. Precisely that tone gives this documentary a less independent image. The interviews are interspersed with simulated images of passages from the book. The quality of the documentary is good, but at some point you have seen with the attacks to Dan Brown and the book. Like most of us have done also with the Da Vinci Code, you should watch this DVD also with a grain of salt. Dan Brown wrote a great book, but believe so not all there in the story is. If it’s a deliberate swipe was of Brown to debunk Christianity? I don’t think so. ..Image removed by editorial title: Demystifying the Da Vinci Code Orion Channel duration: 70 minutes order now for only 9.99! nosave the true story behind the Da Vinci Code  the true story behind the Da Vinci Code unmasking of the Da Vinci Code

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