The little polar bear 2

Lars the little polar bear polar bear boy is Mika. He is an enterprising polar bear that easy and fast friendships closes. One of his friends is seal Robby. Because seals and robben in nature generally do not deliver their friendship are sometimes friends what glitches on. But Robby has Lars in part 1 a few times already saved the lives and forget that Lars so not as fast.

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In part 2 of the little polar bear you see how the older polar bears at the North Pole have had enough of the constant singing pingu ï n Caruso and put him on the train, far away from his home. Lars and his sea-bear boyfriend Robby have pity on Caruso and try to save him. Now they are also trapped in the train that brought them to the port. The adventurous trio goes on a long and exciting boat tour and eventually reach the Galapagos Islands. There they meet new exotic and funny boyfriends and experience a lot of beautiful and unforgettable adventures.

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The nice thing about this new installment in the polar bears series is that the little ones with two different worlds: those of the cold Arctic and the tropical Galapagos Islands. Thilo Graf Rothkirch Piet DASD and directors with their animations remained true to the original drawings by Hans de Beer. Therefore, the film a nice counterpoint to the sometimes chilly, aloof contemporary animated films.

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