Samantha Sweeting is like working at a large London Office topadvocate. Because they want to be a partner, she brings almost all of her days and nights on the case. Her priv é life and household are springing up so totally at in. This results in hilarious passages, such as when they are wondering why her housekeeper vacuum cleaner bags needs; ” Why should the vacuum cleaner in a bag? She goes with it out? ” But her lack of free time will pay for itself, because Samantha becomes partner! At least, that she would be if they are not 50 million pounds of ë é n é of the main cli patients would have wasted. After her dream in tatters and she realises that she has worked so hard all these years for nothing, get Samantha in any train. The train will take her to a village where they accidentally ends up at Mr. and Mrs. Geiger. By all sorts of misunderstandings is they adopted as a housekeeper (!). Like it’s not enough that Samantha now a household must running, there is the attractive but oh so annoying distracts her attention Nathaniel gardener. The book is old-fashioned Kinsella-material. If you read this book, you should certainly keep this. Even though you know that already Kinsella’s main characters clumsy and chaotic characters are, they remain fun. So also in this Book: deliciously apparent and super funny. If you’ve never heard of Kinsella and her Shopalic series have … read that bite! And read also Addressing here because real chick lit-lovers should have this book in the closet.Sophia Kinsella Addressing 351 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1469-6 list price: 17,50 euro order now! Tackle nosave!  ' tackling! Addressing!Sophie Kinsella

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