Sasha ' s Lover

Sasha’s lover is about the adventurous journey of Sasha and her two girlfriends Nic and Katie to the wonders of Peru. There, amid the mysterious remains of the ancient Inca civilization, while they climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, come closer together and the three women prove their leventjes less to be perfect, then they knew of each other. Secrets reveal themselves. For example, Sasha feels trapped in a family life that its no longer satisfies. Her husband and their two children are barely more interested in her ï. During the trip they secretly flirt with their guide. His name is Miguel and he is handsome, intelligent and irresistible. Miguel leads the three women by the beautiful mountain scenery and Meanwhile he tells wonderful stories about the Inca culture, the people and the customs of his country. Sasha touches captivates through the countryside, but also by Miguel and she plunges herself into a love affair with this twenty years younger man. The intimacy of the trek and the spiritual resonance of the Machu Picchu let especially in Sasha to leave an impression behind. I thought it was really a delicious book to Nice dreams. Appleyard Peru describes, the cities, the ru ï nes and the Inca Trail very very realistic, perhaps they have made the same trip check out yourself. That can hardly be otherwise. You smell the fragrances just so and you’ll see the mountains ahead. I had after reading this book really feel like I’ve walked the Trail itself. Also the history of the country is dealt with in some detail, narrated by Miguel Guide. However, this is absolutely not disturbing for the story. Sasha’s dissatisfaction with her marriage, resulting in the affair with Miguel, comes very \ ‘ \ ‘ really about and I can imagine that for many women the best me recognizable. Although they not 1-2-3 so \ ‘ n nice guide up for grabs have.  Sasha & # 039; s Lover Until on the last page it remains exciting or Sasha for her husband and family in England will choose for the beautiful, mysterious Miguel. The choice they will make is because there é n é for life …Image removed by redactieD. Appleyard Sasha’s lover 239 pages Publishing House: The house of Books ISBN: 90-443-145-80 list price: 16, 90 euro order Online! Sasha nosave & # 039; s Lover  Sasha & # 039; s Lover Sasha’s Madona. Appleyard

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