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after a number of years to have searched for the right composition and having played in the live circuit, it is now time to the sensitive lyrics by Marinus de Goederen capture on an album together with Tijs Stehmann (drums) and Eric Meereboer (guitar). The men have had help by Peter butcher of Bl ø f which the parties has responded to bass and Robert Kirby, who among other things is the arranger of Nick Drake and Elton John. Kirby for three songs the ironing packages and lift the songs to another level. Maybe it does at inveterate radioluisters \ ‘ Swim with Sam \ ‘ ring a Bell. This number is already been several times on the radio in 2004 with Rob Stenders, Claudia and of course Isabelle. But despite the positive attention of this dj’s went the storm around the gentlemen lay back. Now two years later, the on the book \ geinsprireerde \ ‘ \ ‘ hero of appeal ‘ Swim with Sam \ ‘ the first single from a balladeer. With eleven other songs is this the album Panama \ ‘ \ ‘. A very varied, almost narrative delivered with this debut album, Mr. So we begin the plate with \ ‘ Summer \ ‘ and we finish, chronologically speaking, with Herbst \ ‘ \ ‘. But that’s not the only thing that is striking to this beautiful plate. The building is sublime, firmly inward with the infectious \ ‘ Summer’s desire for delicious, what you do with your bare feet on the beach to race. \ ‘ Blank \ ‘ has a chorus that so fine in your head hangs. Bring beautiful calm songs such as \ ‘ All I wanted Winterschl ä \ ‘ \ ‘ and the touching fer \ ‘. E é n number that stands out for me is the very to your throat seizing \ ‘ \ ‘ Sirens, especially the sample in the song and the overwhelming interplay between the band members provide a lump in the throat. The goods causes the listeners pick up its feelings, the blissful road trip feeling of \ ‘ \ ‘ Pre-Berlin but also feel what heartbreak you bring with \ ‘ Robin II \ ‘. Panama road, listening as you read a novel. If you listen carefully you can hear here and there the same characters passing by. Panama \ ‘ \ ‘ forms a whole. This is the power of the strap, you keep listening to the impassioned last show comes through your boxes. As far as I am concerned one of the most beautiful albums of Pop this year.Tracklist: 01. Summer 02. Blank 03. All I Wanted 04. Pre-Berlin 05. Sirens 06. ä Fer Winterschl 07. Robin II 08. Fortune Teller 09. Hamburg 10. Copper Shades 11. Swim With Sam 12. Redactiea HerbstAfbeelding removed by balladeer-Panama game duration: 44 minutes, 52 seconds Label: EMI list price: 21.99 eurowww.aballadeer.com

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