Mission Impossible III premiere in Amsterdam

For the real premi è re of Mission Impossible III we will have to wait a week, but yesterday was è in the galapremi in Amsterdam Tushinski re the movie Mission Impossible III. And that was double celebration, because apart from the ever present Dutch celebrities, we were allowed in our capital city also welcome three actors from the movie. Those were Keri Russell, Maggi Q and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, who play important roles in the film.

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They had the clear to their liking there on that red carpet of Amsterdam’s most beautiful movie theater. And they also were attended by numerous participants by fans of the film, because they were from all over the country come to Amsterdam. That was so posing for the clicking camera’s of our photographers and infinitely patient, before everyone had his finest picture shot.

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There were also many BN \ ‘ ers present at this great premi è re: we came under other Bracha van Doesburg, Lange Frans and Baas B, Hind and brainpower, Wibi Soerjadi, Jennifer de Jong and Di-rect on the red carpet against. So it was all a great Baker and fortunately it worked again!

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Now it is waiting for the official premi è re of Mission Impossible III, starting from 3 may in all theaters. Next week you can also expect interviews on Vrouw.nl with Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Maggie Q.

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