Bundled birth of verse

a miracle in a bassinet so sweet, so early, so small a stunning new

life too good to be true! Only an impression of the over 80 (!) birth of verse which the authors wrote and collected in recent years. The images have different theme’s. the vast majority of verse that it\ ‘s ordinary \ ‘ are suitable for everyone. The one what sweeter, the other what masculine in tone. Especially for twins (and triple and quads), adoptive children and premature baby’s are custom written texts in the booklet put. There is something for everyone. The book is very nice and stylish. It has a hard cover and the lyrics are interspersed with beautiful color photo’s of-you guessed it-newborn baby’s. the bundle is a perfect gift to give to someone that is pregnant. Then the images still useful and possibly to use for inspiration for the birth announcement. But as baby shower gift can of course also …Image removed by editing Your poem in the next issue of \ ‘ \ ‘ Birth of verse? Do you have a beautiful little poem and birth would you like to be in the next book by Marianne Busser and Ron Saba ö der to appear? Please send your best ó r v ó 29 May 2006 little poem to The House of Books, querina.isebia@thehouseofbooks.com. And you might win a prize.What can you win? 1st Prize: voucher of Pr € é natal worth 100,-2nd Prize: signed book package of Dali & Saba ö der 3rd Prize: the great fairy tales book of Dali & Saba ö derGeboortegedichtjesMarianne Dal and Ron Saba derThe ö House of Books 80 page’s, 20 x 20 cm ISBN 90 443 1498 X

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