Mere Songs

the music of Youp put your not comfortable on pick at an intimate dinner. The songs, which are typically more spoken than Sung-Youp’s style-have probing topics. The lyrics well until you’ll get by you should sit down. On his cd case is: ” your songs are always about love and death! ” ” Is there anything else then? ” The songs are the best when you can view, and also you can. Youp On the extra dvd you can see impressions of the studio recordings and live performance of Of \ ‘t Hek plus band. The included booklet with texts also offers outcome: you can sing along  mere songs . With each song text explains Van won’t fence off why he ever wrote. He made the famous Faisal for the \ cabaretje \ ‘ students ‘ of his sister Monique: ” I wrote this song and saw how it was received. That is my song, I thought soft and it was my song. It kept my song. ” Mere songs is a wonderful addition to and anthology of the oeuvre of Youp van ‘t Hek \. Matangi let the songs with their sensitive sounds extra appeal to the imagination. And even the cd-Edition with dvd and booklet liedteksten look beautiful, really one to add to your collection…

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CD: no one knows what time it Is/slept with the bride/who will Push my car?/keys/Mr. Alzheimer/Intro/Godverdegod/Faisal Faisal//Accidentally when I’m Dead/Lying Dearest/Delina by the city/John/tomorrow are you dead/talk through Lawyers/playing with your LevenDVD: (STUDIO) drunk by the city/Faith/bird flu (CONCERT HALL) inadvertently/tomorrow are you dead/Matangi? in Re Giovanni, Michael Nyman/Mr. Alzheimer’s/no one knows what time it Is/playing with your life  mere songs Youp van ‘t Hek and Purely songs Strijkorkestwww \ Matangi. youp. nlwww. matangi. en

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