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Series missed? OK é, here is a brief description for those who missed the series at all. The Gooische women live in a kind of fairy tale, but appearances are deceptive. They are all married, have a happy family, a fat bank account and a dream car on the driveway of their beautiful villa. But behind the scenes they all camps with large and less major problems. Linda de Mol plays Cheryl, reminiscent of Natasja Froger and Leontine Borsato, because she is married to a successful singer (Peter Paul Muller). Claire, Tjitske Reidinga-theatre that is played by actress, is a frigid advocate who has to undertake to do everything to save it on her own. Susan Visser, which you might still know as Dirkje from the series \ ‘ \ ‘, plays artist Anouk De Vlaamsche Pot, which holds too much of love and men. And Annet Malherbe plays Walker, it’s mother’s of the series, which not to realize how unhappy she and her family are. That the series is fun, that can confirm the one and a half million viewers. In addition, the creators not for nothing a golden Image Award in the category of Drama. The eight episodes of that award-winning first season are on the first two dvd’s Linda’s thing it was created by Linda de Mol, which z è lf a Gooische woman is also enough around him and sees every day of course. On the third dvd she explains in an interview that she came up with the idea after the abrupt end of the series \ ‘ Spangen \ ‘. Furthermore, she reveals that it is actually a coincidence that they Cheryl plays as this role was for her was left during the brainstorming about the characters of the four main characters. They did so with Daphne Deckers, who are familiar with Walker, with Heleen van Rooyen, who recognized himself in Anouk, and with Saskia Noort, which had the most with Claire. Later saw Linda itself also called in that the role of Cheryl hair on the body is written, because they, of course, always between the BN \ ‘ ers is. ” And of course a real è I b n Gooische woman because I have a Range Rover, a labrador and a driveway, haha! ” Behind the scenes except with Linda de Mol are there on the third dvd also interviews with Peter Paul Muller and Susan Visser. I especially found the movie itself \ ‘ \ ‘ behind the scenes fun, because of the immense funny moment Natasja Froger in her car accidentally comes along the set drive. She asks if it all goes well and calls that they’re going to watch. She would then not at all understand that the role of Cheryl é é n great parody of herself is? Also nice are the bloopers, as these are just always fun. This blooper-motion pictures, however, is more extensive than that you would expect, because there are short interviews with the actors and the movie takes no less than half an hour. It looks even z ó licked out, compared to the other items, that this fixed later still \ ‘ \ ‘ really on tv will be broadcast. On the website of Talpa is also lots of information about the series and there you will find, for example, half of the bonus material on the third dvd. Too bad, because that makes the dvd box so less \ ‘ \ ‘ exclusive and therefore less surprising. Conclusion a flagship series, that is clear. So the dvd-box is a must for those who’m on tv yet has seen and for those who like his favourite series on dvd wants to have. But for the extra’s on the third dvd you do your wallet really not pulling, then you better just on the website look for the backstage-videos and interviews. There you will find besides the last episode of the first season, in order to refresh your memory. Because this \ ‘ Cliffhanger \ ‘ makes you awfully curious about the second season! Image removed by redactieGooische women, happy together in the – season 1 Throw with, among others, Linda de Mol, Tjitske Reidinga, Susan Visser, Annet Malherbe running time: 420 minutes (3 dvd’s) Extras: Open House at the Villa Morero, Peter Paul Muller, Intervew Interview Linda de Mol, Interview Susan Visser, Behind the scenes, Bloopers, ‘ real love ‘ – the clip list price: € 27.99 Look advice: from 12 order now for only 24.99! nosave Gooische women – the dvd box  Gooische women – the dvd box Gooische women (3DVD)

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