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Harry Lockhart, not only, but also protagonist Narrator, is a small crook, which comes around by kruimeldief stalls. During a burglary in a shop is suddenly anything wrong, and he finds himself in an audition right. There they are away from him and all of a sudden he is an actor who must play a priv é-detective. To make this as real as possible, he goes on stage at a real priv é-detective; \ ‘ Gay ‘ Perry \ ‘, played by Val Kilmer. Perry trying to make it clear that the box essentially very boring, but while they work together on a first contract, flies a car over them with a corpse in the trunk.

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Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. are a great duo together, and it looks like they work for years. The dry humor and the gevatheden fly you to the ears, and they are perfectly complemented by Michelle Monaghan, who plays Harmony Faith Lane on and off, the sweetheart of Harry. The film is filled with corpses, but nowhere vulgar. Even the sc è nes in which someone is shot, are often funny. KKBB is directed (é n written) by Shane Black, who was also responsible for the Leathal Weapon movies, where a tiny bit to do think KKBB, although this film has something more of a film noir \ ‘.

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The DVD also includes some extras, including bloopers, spoken commentary by Val Kilmer, Robert Downey Jr. and Shane Black, and the theatrical trailer. The bloopers are somewhat against, being more failed recordings than bloopers, and the voiceover is not subtitled, while the subtitles of the film during the comment though goes through, which makes it somewhat confusing. Over the end credits is finally on that é n é of the songs on the soundtrack written and performed by Robert Downey Jr., and this song can also be heard during the end credits. Despite the disappointing Extras, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is an absolute must, especially by the great interplay between Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer, and the constantly present, sometimes even absurd, humor!

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with, among others, Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan time: approx. 99 minutes list price: 22.99 euro Advice age: 16 years order now for 19.99! nosave DVD Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  DVD Kiss Kiss Bang Bang BangMichelle Monaghan Kiss Kiss Bang

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