The Reward

Linnet O’Neall is in everything a copy of her once powerful great-grandmother Emma Harte and pulls out all the stops to the family business, a large British Department store, run. She is assisted, but certainly opposed by many family members, which both business and priv é all are closely linked. The family is greatly multiplied by the dozens of years and both cold and warm all sides continue to hang out in the company. As a result, all generations represented there of the swarm and nephews, nieces, aunts, grannies, great-uncles, EXEs and even illegitimate children. Everything comes to bid; jealousy, love, passion, adultery, intrigue, betrayal, grief, marriages and births. Even the black sheep of the family is not lacking. In this part has Linnet and her family her hands full to this black sheep Jonathan. False, cruel, cunning and calculating he puts everything to make life difficult for the family and the company to kill off. He does not really seem back and goes on to achieve its goal. Literally and figuratively. At the beginning it is really up because of all those family members and generations. At the front of the book is a list of all the names and their relationships to each other. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc. Well meaning, but if there is such a list, I think this also to have to use, so I was the first few chapters only to look up and back. Hindsight is not necessary because the story was without that review too been to follow. For those who loves to dream at family situations of another, can get his heart with this book; every situation and every event is described to the smallest detail. Much voltage and speed you will not encounter, but it reads more tasty and easy way. This sizeable and fast-growing family is ideal for a never ending story, that is why I am surprised somewhat that Bradford has decided there is a lock to write. Part six was absolutely been realize. Previous parts: the power of a woman, cherish my dream, the heiress and the secret of a woman.Image removed by redactieBarbara Taylor Bradford the reward 352 pages Publisher: Sijthoff ISBN: 90-245-5505-1 list price: 18.95 euro

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