Manual digital black and white photography

monochrome works ” é é n painting in color ” makes it possible to make artistic statements that are practically impossible in colour. Black-and-white photography is a unique art form and it is an art form that you é not é n-two-three master. This book takes a detailed look into the world of digital monogromie. For some, black-and-white photography something to apply every now and then, for others it is a true passion. The topics and many tips which are discussed in this book, are usually also apply in the color photography.Photoshop Of a good color picture you can for example with Photoshop as well a good black and white picture. But how do you make a good photo? That you will be explained briefly in this book. My opinion is that if you want to use the tips in this book, you anyway even though some sense of shooting must have. Similarly the program Photoshop. Format the book is divided into seven chapters: 1-digital monochrome works (including the art of seeing, separate channels) 2-digital capture (e.g. file formats, film digitizing) 3-digital darkroom principles (including old idea ë n new approach, crop, shape and large) 4-intermediate stages (including noise reduction and high key) 5-manipulation for advanced skiers (including merge and Duotones) 6-extra dimension (including alternative recording and digital infrared) 7-presentation (including selective contrast and panorama printing) Messy On each page is by means of a picture explanation to what you see and how you can make a view itself as \. But because on each page with colored boxes containing a box with text (in different fonts) is being worked on, it looks messy and soon that works confusing. Maybe it all something clearer if you really mind have Photoshop but I walk during trying out periodically stop responding. But yes, black-and-white photography is a unique art form. And it is an art form that you é not é n-two-three master. In this book is a lot of great printing beautiful black and white photo’s and that gives me enough inspiration again in any case. And of course you can go read about how to get something 100 manuals can make, but you only really learn it by doing it yourself.Image removed by editors John Clements manual digital black and white photography 144 pages Publisher: Elmar ISBN: 903-89-16-89 list price: 19,50 euro order Online! nosave manual digital black and white photography  manual digital black and white photography Manual digital black and white

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