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where are you been all this time? Koen: everywhere and nowhere. In Belgium we ë scoring one hit after another for years and we still fill the biggest stadiums. Life in Clouseau is so in Flanders country changed little.But why have we heard nothing of you here then? Kris: There we are frankly also not yet behind. I think the record company dropped us a long time. They found us apparently not interesting or good enough anymore. Fortunately, there are new rounds, new opportunities with \ ‘ \ ‘ Inside.How does that? Koen: like an old-fashioned Clouseau plate! Although it is not only … but dear listen songs. There is also pretty much swing in, just like on our previous plate. With Clouseau you can so all sides on: you can dance on our music, but you can also delight on admire.How to watch you now on Clouseau back? Koen: With a very good feeling. I still remember the time Kris in é us stamcaf proclaimed that if Clouseau for the Dutch language would choose, we then certainly would sell 10,000 copies of our plate. That was in \ ‘ 86 and I was just sixteen. The people became crazy! But we have achieved it anyway! Kris: I also have a very special feeling about Clouseau. It’s become a part of our lives. I can think of no other life imagine!Your prediction is at least come true! Kris: Well and or! We have been through a lot so terrible with Clouseau. You can write a book about it. Koen: you can divide our carri è re at different periods: the madness and the success of the years \ ‘ 90 and the quieter but no less successful period after that, to this day.

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Clouseau then and now is something quite different. John: In the beginning was all extreme and exaggerated. You couldn’t even talk about music with someone normal. All they had to know about you. The color underwear you wore to the girlfriends that you had. When we grew older we could customize more going to enjoy the success. Actually, I’m glad those wild time at one point went past. What was the most unforgettable Clouseau moment so far? Kris: That is very difficult to answer. We used to have wonderful moments and still now. In Belgium make ë we really hectic scenes with it. Recently we have 14 days long the Sportpaleis in Antwerp filled. That was super! Koen: the nice thing about our public is that people of all ages and from all walks of life are. The butcher is next to the lawyer and the housewife next to the politician. The ages are from 10 to 65 and everything in between is. That is just amazing to experience. How do you explain that Clouseau still so successful? Koen: I do not know … It is precisely because we are busy for so long, we have a number in our repertoire where someone has a particular memory of. Some have a certain Clouseau number engaged, still others have come to know their first great love. With Clouseau can you really all over the place!What is it like to like brothers in a band to sit? Kris: that’s fine, nice and easy. Of course, we’ve known each other through and through and understand each other so well. Arguing we never actually. Even though we were sitting together often enough earlier in the … hair. But that’s the way it is with brothers h è!What is the future of Clouseau? Koen: That remains as he is now. We’re going through with making music and action. Delicious busy with what we prefer to do. It would be nice if we also once again success in Netherlands. But failing that, then that’s bad luck. We make music until we are no longer able to é cht.

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