Maggie Q; " Tom is someone who himself has remained "

what was it with Tom Cruise in a movie to play? Totally awesome of course! You stand there with one of the largest, perhaps the greatest actors in the world. When I heard that I was in it I made me all sorts of representations of how he would be. He turned out to be far different than I expected. Tom is just someone who has remained himself, despite his superstar status. What is the most important thing you learned from him? Especially – like I said before-how you can be so world famous and still can keep yourself. I find that an incredible challenge and an example for everyone. Never let the fame go to your head rise, but try to remain normal, however difficult that sometimes perhaps also. For a rookie in the box as I was an honour to work with Tom Cruise. Is it true that he does all his stunts in the film itself? Yes that’s right at all. He is a real perfectionist who always like to want to do his own stunts. Of course if we wanted actors don’t get left behind! That gave a lot of bruises and a dislocated thumb that went. Fortunately, there on the set well on our security given.

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How did you get the role of Zhen actually come? I heard of the casting and have when a band sent to Hollywood. Though I was prepared that you so \ ‘ n roll not just get, because everyone you have to approve it.When I weeks after submitting the band had not heard back, I thought that I was not. Until I suddenly got a phone call if I wanted to come to Hollywood. I was dead tired because I just from Europe was back in Hong Kong. The next day I arrived in L.A. for the audition. And then comes the big moment … Yes and that is truly unnerving. Especially for a beginning actress like I who hopes on her first big Hollywood role. Then you’re in a room with three casting directors and with one of the largest producers of Hollywood. All of them are they to wait if you can or not. I felt so awful naked and that while I had my clothes just to. When I heard that I knew I got the role of luck not what I had to do.It should be quite special that you like Asian actress just in a Hollywood movie. That was the sure and I also felt deeply honored that they chose me. They had so any other actress can choose, because that run there in Hollywood plenty around. But they wanted me, that actress who at the other end of the world, lives in Hong Kong. Nowadays I travel down between the two continents on a fact because this role is, of course, a whole lot of doors opened for me.With whom you could get along on the set the best? I could get along with everyone. We were just one big family. In addition to the serious moments behind the scenes on the set we had also the biggest lol. I think that’s because the actors were all ordinary people. Not one had the extra high in his sphere.How do you stay yourself in the fake Hollywood scene? I have no such trouble with it. If you grow up in an Asian family than it is you so much learned that you always must remain modest. My mother has taught me that beauty from within and that beauty is not forever. They also taught me to stay to myself, no matter what. Every time I return to Hong Kong from America than I have to do everything themselves. Vacuuming, cleaning the House and give my five dogs to eat. That helps me to keep both feet firmly on the ground.

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