Pearl Jam

Striking is the first word thing if I the inlay of the cd open hit. The artwork is so very dark, raw and as mentioned before, striking. The members of the band are particularly put in the makeup. These are images that you previously expected with an underground hardcore band. Anyway this is not about men with freaky makeup and separate artwork but to the music. And d í e is not remarkably changed. Eddie Vedder and his men rock, beech and steaming itself by practically the whole of the album back. Rough, raw and honest screams Vedder itself by the first two songs from the album, including the first single World Wide Suicide \ ‘ \ ‘. The numbers are so recognizable Pearl Jam but still know surprise them. In addition to the combative and energetic numbers is taken back a little gas here and there. With \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Gone Come Back \ ‘ it all sounds a bit subdued but even here sounds the power of Pearl Jam by. The rugged, occasionally rumbling, voice of Eddie, the guitar walls by Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, the driving force of Jeff Ament on bass, and Matt Cameron’s tight drum parts ensure the recognizable sound of Pearl Jam. listen of the album after the first time in its entirety should I even catch my breath. This is one more time on repeat, what a great album! Tracklist: 1. Life wasted 2. World wide suicide 3. Comatose 4. Severed hand 5. Marker in the sand 6. Parachutes 7. Unemployable 8. Big wave 9. Gone 10. Wasted reprise 11. Army reserved 12. Come back 13. Inside jobAfbeelding removed by editors Pearl Jam running time: 49 minutes and 42 seconds label: Sony/BMG list price: 19.99 euro order for just 15 euros! Pearl Jam  Pearl Jam Pearl JamPearl Jam

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