the ladies of Treble do you know have of their hit \ ‘ \ Ramagana ‘. In 2004 they were with this song taken from their debut album \ ‘ \ ‘ é é No Trouble at number n in the Top 40. After their victory over Maud and Behave during the National Song festival are the girls totally back! Or Europe will be equally impressed by the girls is, of course, but the question, but we can at least enjoy their new album \ ‘ Free \ ‘. \ ‘ Free \ ” begins with \ ‘ Lama Gaia \ ‘. All the way in the style that we know of Treble. Delicious in their own made-up Lingo. Curious about what a number of words mean, look in the cd booklet. In it you will find a small dictionary. The meaning of some words is explained. During the second song I scare. Now the girls singing in English? Yes, on this album are also several English-language songs to hear. Treble wants to break international and everyone is of course not of their fabricated nothings served. I myself have not hate, but the girls also come in English clearly. Maybe they are even better! You hear on this album have been clear that the girls work together. They exist even for over ten years! They are incredibly well attuned and their voices fit exactly together. The choice of songs, nine new songs and a cover of the Fleetwood Mac hit \ ‘ \ ‘ as far as I am concerned, is totally Crystal top. The album contains both beautiful melancholic ballads, such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Leave Me Alone Where Are You \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, original pop songs, Jealous and \ ‘ \ ‘ and tasty uplifting songs where you Train not quiet can stay put, such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Lama Gaia Amambanda \ ‘. In short a varied good album. Ideal for car, because you do get bored with this cd certainly not. And the lyrics are all in the cd booklet, so you can sing along.

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Tracklist 1. Lama Gaia 2. Where Are You 3. Fly 4. Amambanda 5. Leave Me Alone 6. Free 7. Jealous 8. Crystal 9. Shei Shei 10. Train 11. Part Of The Day 12. True Friend 13. Amambanda (single edit) 14. Lama Gaia (single edit) Treble-Free running time: 47 minutes and 48 seconds tag: CNR Music list price: 19,49 € 22.99 buy now for €! Treble-Free  Treble-Free


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