Dancing do you do so

I have been in a far past on dance class sat. For two years I followed faithfully the classes every Sunday. I obtained my diploma bronze and silver both with praise, but now years later, I have nothing more to it. I stumble during family parties, where the quick step key element is, on my feet and should certainly not more to the Jive or the Cha Cha Cha think. If I only think to the steps, I shoot all in panic. I’m sure I can cursusje the dance after a refresher, but I really don’t go between sweaty adolescents in a too small ballroom stand. Do you recognize that feeling? Then you need the dvd’s of Dance are you doing so! \ ‘ \ ‘ purchase. Close the curtains, chairs to the side, dvd’s Taj and dancing but. No one who looks at you and you can together with your dance partner practice at your own pace. Dancing through a dvd, it is a moment to get used to it. You can clear your whole living room though, but it will never be a real dance hall. Yet it is perfect for the basic to master. Please note well on, because you also so a wrong attitude to take. During dance class there is always that teacher that are critical to you look, now you’re student and teacher at the same time. Pay attention so be fine you do not think it so on. the hang of it, you do have to exercise regularly. And if you really think it succeeds, am you haven’t finished, because with every dvd you’ll find a cd with songs which you can practice. Here is a brief description of the series.Dancing do you do zoEngelse Waltz-quickstep-Tango Image removed by editors this dvd is a must if you have family parties where dancing often has to be. The Quick step is completely explained. View before you have a party very briefly the dvd and no one sees you for years in the dance school. If they have it at that party on the Foxtrot, the Quickstep, dance simply because that is another name for this dance. Furthermore, you will learn the English waltz and the Tango. Released by: Disky estimated time: 60 minutes suitable for: all ages list price: € 14, 99Dansen do you zoSalsa-Jive-Merengue-Salsa Solo Image removed by editors this dvd shows us the basics of the Jive, Merengue, Salsa and Salsa solo explained. This means exercise with those hips. Your partner complains that ie has, let’m really didn’t want more than stand by and watch you know the Salsa solo dances. You will then not hear him complain.Released by: Disky estimated time: 88 minutes suitable for: all ages list price: € 14, 99Dansen are you doing zoCha Cha Cha-Rumba-Samba Image removed by editors This dvd containing the Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba is my pet. Also dancing where you snuggle with your hips should move.Released by: Disky estimated time: 81 minutes suitable for: all ages list price: 14.99

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