Pluk saves the animals

In de Petteflet live not only Pick and Aagje, but also Spijtebijt. He is rather special because he bites. After that he always regret. Pick goes with Spijtebijt looking for his parents, two bears. With them he feels more at home than fixed between all those neat people in de Petteflet. Along the way they meet the weatherman. If Spijtebijt h é m bites, bullet goes. Hot and cold going through each other and pingu ï ns end up chugging in the tropics while elephants are a shivering in the snow. The animals must be saved … by Picking! The entire cast of Jan, Jans and the children was put together in a hurry, because a lot of them also have been involved on this production and \ ‘ \ ‘ Spijtebijt played the role of their Alexander. Many BN \ ‘ ran there with or without little one going down the red carpet. Minister Pechtold was there with his little daughter, Peter Block and his wife (and Director) gave acte de presence Maria Goos, Toine van peperstraten had his two kids with him and also Rita Cook took her grandchildren to \ ‘ \ ‘ to view the animals saves Pick.

Image removed by editors (from left to right Plien van Bennekom, Minister Pechtold and his daughter and Peter block)

\ ‘ Pluk saves the animals \ ‘ is already the second presentation with Pal in the lead role. Two years ago won \ ‘ Pluk van de Petteflet \ ‘ the ANWB audience award for best small Musical production. That also will be a success, these two performance should come as no surprise. The cast put the story down, so excited that the Dutch children’s audience the story by Annie M.G. Schmidt are coming to life again. \ ‘ Pluk saves the animals \ ‘ is an hour long purely children’s theatre with catchy songs, funny conversations and appealing characters. The ingenious picture book decor takes the viewers to places all over the world. The kids in the Hall are ecstatic when they give their drawn animal to the professor. The result: a stage full of children’s drawings and a Hall with proud little faces. Although the performance for children over the age of 5 is, allows parents with smaller children (from 3) it there best on truck. Maybe get them not the whole story, but it’s for all ages a very nice version! While premierefeestje told Peter block (husband of Kim van Kooten in \ ANI \ ‘): ” it made me so very happy. It is a really nice and cheerful version. ” Plien van Bennekom (George Bianca) also was very pleased with the result: ” what is particularly special found was the design. The costumes and the sets seem so be away walked out of the original book. Really very good. ”

Image removed by editors (from left to right Mr. Pen, Aagje, pick, Spijtebijt, aunt Foster and the major)

\ ‘ \ ‘ is still playing to save the animals Pick 28 February 2007 in the Dutch theaters. For more information and dates on Monday 8 may www.plukredtdedieren.nlTot make even odds on cards for

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