Ferry Corsten-L.e.f.

Corsten works for over seventeen years in the music industry. His first single in 1989 and then follow many numbers. He brings not only plates on z \ ‘ n own name out, so he is also behind the project System f. and produces together with Ti ë sto plates under the name Goureylla \ ‘ \ ‘. Further he made remixes for artists such as U2, Moby, Faithless and William Orbit. He is the man behind the world hit \ ‘ \ ‘ Out Of The Blue (1999). With this record he gave effect to the Dutch trance, which is still very popular. But he is more than trance alone. On his new album l.e.f. \ ‘ \ ‘ let him hear a new sound. You hear clearly that this is a plate is by Ferry Corsten, but with more pop and rock elements than before. The hits \ ‘ Punk Rock ‘ Rock Your Body ‘ and \ \ \ ‘ which he released previously have been here for an example of, but on \ ‘ \ ‘ is he still just l.e.f. one step further. He does this not only because on this album is he helped by several guest musicians like Simon le Bon (Duran Duran), Guru (Sarah) and Howard Jones. \ ‘ \ ‘ L.e.f. (stands for: Loud, Electronic, Ferocious) is a great album. I can’t get enough of this cd. Sitting still is even though that hard. With every number I get really feel like dancing. I’m all ready for when I \ ‘ \ ‘ Are You Ready though. This great track is succeeded by his hit \ ‘ \ ‘ Fire. Wow, what you as a listener spoiled with great beats. The songs that contain vocals, such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Fire and Possession are perfectly Sung. In short: Ferry Corsten has once again that he is a great producer/dj. The numbers of \ ‘ l.e.f. \ ‘ you hear soon probably by the speakers of several discos. DJ’s can not back these numbers, because it doesn’t get any better than this!

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Tracklist 1. Intro 2. Are You Ready 3. Fire 4. L.e.f.. 5. Into The Dark 6. Galaxia 7. Beautiful 8. Possession 9. On My Mind 10. Down On Love 11. Forever 12. Watch Out 13. Junk 14. Cubikated 15. FreefallingFerry Corsten-l. e. f. running time: 69 minutes 53 seconds Label: Pias www.ferrycorsten.com

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