then called by her former Assistant Nina Sandy with the announcement that his son Wish is missing after the third mysterious fire in the area. After this fire is indeed a corpse found but the identity of the body is unknown. Nina and Paul go searching for more information and then reports Wish is alive and well to their front door. It turns out that not he, but his friend Danny has been killed in the fire while they were trying to make photo’s of the arsonist. Not much later, the three visit from the police, who Wish arrest on suspicion of arson and murder. This is the start of a heart-stopping quest for the truth. All this takes place in a residential area where it seems like the contrast between the original inhabitants and the new rich does not matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. As more details come to light about the fires, the atmosphere in the neighborhood getting broeieriger. But only during the trial, in which Nina tries to keep out of prison, Wish the case takes a completely different turn. This book can I definitely recommend if you like lawyers thrillers. It’s exciting from beginning to end, though it would be better if you also have read earlier books in this series to better understand the character Nina. There is also a son, who after a while to have been with his father, rejoining his mother Nina wants to live. Its history is not really clearly described but, fortunately, does not affect the story where it in this book is about. Hinterland is the ninth book in the successful series about the lawyer Nina Reilly. Perri O \ ‘ Shaughnessy is the pseudonym of Pamela and Mary O \ ‘ Shaughnessy. Perri is a combination of their first names and also a tribute to the fictional lawyer Perry Mason tracer, which we know from the television series.

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Perri O \ ‘ Shaughnessy Hinterland 392 pages Publishing House: Bruna Uitgevers, A.W. ISBN: 90-229-9152-0 list price: 15.00 euro order online! Hinterland  Hinterland

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